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Before I wrap up the file on Blissdom ‘09, I must give a well-deserved shout-out to the sponsors that made the weekend so much fun and such a success. You can check all of them out here and I love each one of them equally and play no favorites. Absolutely equal love spread to each one of them equally. If my love were a cookie, I’d chop it into fourteen equal pieces and give each of them a slice.

Shhh, come closer

…no closer, I’m not gonna bite you…


…what do I have bad breathe or something?

Ok, just between you and me, I did have a favorite:


That little lady went all out, baking up a storm for the attendees at Blissdom. I kept my foot out of my mouth many an hour with one of their tasty cakes. They’ve recently launched their version of 100 calorie offerings. In all fairness, I should admit that if you eat ten of the things at a sitting, the 100 calorie part kinda loses it’s effectiveness. But whatev (love ya Andrea!)… I couldn’t help it.


Snack Cakes as far as the eye can see – pic courtesy of Secret Agent Mom

For those of you not familiar with the new line, there are eight different varieties:


Chocolate Cakes Moist and delicious…a perfect hit of chocolate when you need it.


Yellow Cakes My least favorite as it contains no peanut butter, chocolate or marshmallow, but I’m sure there’s a bunch of weirdos demographic out there that eats such things

nutty_smNutty Bar Singles Just like the original LD fav, but in a single portion (though I double-dog dare you stop with one they are so good)

stix_smNutty Bar PB Stixs Hands-down, my daughter’s & (Blissdom roomie) Shannan’s favorite. I’m having a little trouble convincing P they aren’t actually cereal bars and/or a valid breakfast option.


Gingerbread Cookies I’m not a big fan of gingerbread but these were pretty tasty I must say.


Marshmallow Treats Similar to rice krispie treats, but so much softer. My favorite by far and this opinion must have been shared by a lot of folks as they were GONE quite quickly.


Triple Chocolate Brownies Now we’re talking. These were wonderful, but a little small. I don’t have nearly enough self-control to stop at one…or six as it turns out. Don’t judge me.


Snow Puffs A close second to the Marshmallow Treats. I’m eating one right now as I type (and try not to get coconut in my keyboard).

(no clue what’s happening with the formatting here, but just go with it)

So many choices, it might be hard to choose, but at $1.79 per box, you won’t have to. Check your local market for them and show my girl Debbie some love.

I’m nearly out of the ones I got at the conference, but fear not, another delivery just arrived:

img00283Off to make some room in the pantry!



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