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img00240red snapper on a bed of lobster risotto, with scallops and shrimp
(if I ever find myself on death row, this is so my last meal)

Before the incident that shall not be spoken of again (but feel free to blog and @ the crap out of it: @hotel_preston), a group of twenty-four amazing, talented and wonderful women had an amazing, talented and wonderful meal at The New Orleans Manor.

If you’re visiting the Nashville area, check this place out. Jazz music serenades you upon arrival, the service is beyond superb (CLAUDE!), the bartender has a heavy hand and the food…I have no words. They “garnish” with shrimp and scallops – and not those wannabe scallops either! Garnish! … ‘nough said. (That lead pic is my dinner, taken seconds before I licked my plate clean and then made a move on Marcy’s.)


What started out as the usual “OMG, I don’t see any dinner listed on the Blissdom ’09 schedule, I could very well starve to death” quickly turned into an emailing spree to any and all Ohio bloggers Shannan and I were familiar with. Upon arrival, the numbers grew as did the geography. I mean you say “food” and “Ohio” in the same sentence and the people knock each other down to get a seat at that table baby. By the time it was all said and done, two dozen sexy dames, from nearly came together for a feast.

dinnerpicThat’s me before dinner – pic taken by the lovely Jenny at Mommin’ It Up!

I wanted to give a shout out to them and introduce them to you incase you’re living under a rock and haven’t surfed lately (What the hell do you do all day anyway? I know how busy you must be.):

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And well, me!

If I’ve forgotten anyone, please forgive me, but I tried really, really hard and even drew a diagram of the seating arrangements.

(psst: Emily at Mommin’ It Up went the extra mile and listed everyone’s twitter name too so check it out!)

You can get a taste of the fun we had if you click here and here to Mrs. CPA’s most wonderful video clips (holla Flip – we love ya!). And pics here and here and here and here. I’m sure there are more but things just can’t be handed to you people so easily…sheez, make a little effort, would ya?

I can’t wait to see everyone again and just a reminder: Romance without Finance is Ignorance. Words to live by Claude, words to live by.



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