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I wonder how many new jobs were created by GE after they paid ZERO in taxes last year?  See that’s always been the reason given by Republicans for giving corporate America (and the billionaires who run them) all those sweet tax breaks.  If they get tax breaks they’ll grow the economy for us.  Thank goodness their media team explained that – heck, I might have thought such kickbacks, er, I mean tax breaks were thank you gifts to the GOP’s contributor list.

Here’s the thing though, despite the tax breaks GE received, there wasn’t much they did to grow the economy.  Despite the 14 billion + they have earned, they have not hired back those employees who received pink slips from the corporation in recent years. I was going to give you links, but there are too many, so feel free to Google it.  They’ve reduced benefits for their employees whenever they could.  So just what are they doing with all those billions, left untouched by the nonsense of a tax burden?

I’m no economist, but I believe the concept of letting corporate America skate on taxes is…oh, what’s the word? BULLSHIT.  They have not shown themselves collectively to be deserving of such, nor have they proven the theory that if they “make” more, they’ll “invest” more.  It just isn’t happening.

We live in a land where I pay more in taxes than GE; where I pay more in taxes (by percentage of income) than BILLIONAIRES.  The middle class is being gutted like a fish and Washington and the statehouses through the land are sitting there handing out more and more to those that DO NOT NEED IT.

We all need to pay our fair share.  Some asshat was on the news today talking about why the majority of GOP’ers oppose any tax increase.  “We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.”  Apparently he is as stupid as he looks because people making less than 60K a year are paying a higher tax rate than someone making a million, you have a revenue problem.  Our government is not asking everyone to play fair and get along.

And here’s the thing – you make corporate America accountable, you make millionaires and billionaires pay the same percentage as us schmucks do and WOWZA, no only can you stop cutting the budget that provides preschool for low income kids, or school lunches, or benefits for veterans, or helps send kids to college, etc.  You’ll have so much leftover that you can give us working stiffs a well-deserved tax break and the MIDDLE CLASS can start growing the economy.  Because you know what happens when the MIDDLE CLASS has extra money?  WE SPEND IT!  We don’t have golden parachutes to pay for, we don’t have share holders to divi it out to.  Nope, we’re suckers for the mall, we buy that new car we’ve needed for 10 years, we get our kids that goofy xBox we’ll never figure out.  We upgrade to better computers and we send our kids to camp.  And guess what that does?  IT CREATES JOBS because someone has to work at the mall, make the cars and the xBox and the computers and staff the camps.

Because as history has proven, the MIDDLE CLASS is the only sector of the population that can bring about real economic recovery.  Yeah, you can look that up too.

And if those cowardly (some might say criminal) corporations decide to flee the shores of our fair land, fine.  Those brains in Washington can surely figure out ways to tax the crap out of their products so American-held companies have the advantage in the market place.  Cause we’re still the number one consumers in just about EVERY MARKET.  If you want to sell to Americans, you play by the rules and you pay your fair share.

I think that is all the average American wants – a level playing  field.  Every money-making entity, be it a person, a corporation, a two-woman cupcake shoppe, should pay their share.  Set a percentage, get rid of the loopholes, collect across the board and then lets see where we are.  Cause we tried the GOP method of bending over for corporate America and I think we can all agree that ain’t working.


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