I had the honor of meeting Tim Gunn this summer when he was here in Cincinnati working with Procter and Gamble.  I’m a big fan and it was quite a thrill.  He is one of the most genuine and generous souls I’ve ever encountered and there is such a sense of happiness when you are in his presence.

But today my affection for him grew ten-fold when I stumbled upon a PSA he did for The Trevor Project.  Please take a moment to view it and if someone you know is facing a tough time – perhaps a teen battling to find themselves, a parent losing touch with their child, an aunt or an uncle worried…pass it on to them.  Let them know they are not alone and there are loving arms and ears ready to help.  The news lately has been sobering and horrific.  Too many children are being lost, there is no rhyme, no reason.  And we must work together to stop it.