Yesterday, I asked the GOP to take a seriously look at their fringe members.  Today there’s a whole new steamy pile of WTF we need to discuss. 

In their infantile wisdom, the Republican Senators have decided that if they can’t have their way (you know, NO healthcare reform, NO WAY, NO HOW) then they are taking their marbles and going home.  Going home everyday at 2pm that is.  Read more here thanks to Huffington Post.

2pm in DC

My only response is ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?  How in the world do you think the hardworking American people (again GOP, YOUR people – us Dems are just a bunch of lazy slobs as everyone knows) will react to this? 

Just a few things that were put on HOLD while the GOP acted out in class today:

*Judicial Committee meeting CANCELLED  (Who needs justice any ways?  We have The Tea Party to enforce right and wrong, eh?)

*Senate Armed Services Committee meeting CANCELLED (How important can this be? I’m sure the Armed Services and the two wars they are fighting right now can fend for themselves.  And I’m sure Admiral Robert Willard, United States Navy Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command; General Kevin Chilton, United States Air Force, Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, and General Walter Sharp, United States Army Commander, U.S. Forces Korea really had nothing better to do than be stood up in DC.)

*Oversight hearing on police training contracts in Afghanistan CANCELLED (We’ll just leave our troops there even longer, I’m sure they won’t mind more tour extensions)

*Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on bark beetles CANCELLED (Fine, I confess: I had no idea what the hell a bark beetle was or why in the world we needed a hearing on them, but turns out they are terrible SOBs that cause huge damage to trees, killing them which in leads to forest fires…no worries though, maybe this just won’t be a good year for the beetle…fingers-crossed)

And these are the ones I know of just from Twitter and Facebook – Lord knows whateslse was left undone while they played hookie.  One thing I know wasn’t handled was the unemployment extension that millions of Americans are hoping for as benefits for their families are set to expire the first week of April…you know, when the Senate is on Spring Break.  Yeah, don’t get me started on that one.

In short? Get your asses back to work.  Oh, and fire whatever moron suggested this grand ol’ idea.