Updated to add:  IT WORKED!  Calls, emails, blog posts, tweets, facebook updates – it worked people.  From Candidate Brunner’s recent email to supporters:

“Yesterday morning more of you signed our petition and wrote letters to editors of newspapers throughout the state urging my primary opponent to drop his bid for party endorsement. Your voice was heard, and an important victory was won when my opponent withdrew his request for that endorsement. As the Dayton Daily News reported yesterday, the Ohio Democratic Party announced my opponent’s campaign “has informed us that, in the spirit of Party unity, they will not pursue an Ohio Democratic Party endorsement, . . . The party remains neutral in the primary and united toward defeating Rob Portman and winning at all levels in November.”

Thank you Candidate Fisher for listening to us and keeping our primary fair!

Please withdraw your endorsement request Candidate Fisher. 

This should be a fair fight, one decided in the voting booths come May.  The registered voters of the Deomocratic Party should be the only people you are courting right now.   

This request serves nothing but to drive a wedge in our party – something we can’t risk this close to November. 

You have to consider the real possibility that if you are successful in May and you win the nomination, your actions with this endorsement business could alienate Brunner supporters (like myself) and keep us from voting for you.  It would pain me to vote for a Republican of course.  But how could I vote for you if you continue to have so little regard for our party unity?

Let the voters, and only the voters, decide this primary Sir.

Amy Cribbs
Cincinnati, Ohio