Inside the pocket of a clown
Is a sad place to hang around
Just watching smiles turn into frowns
Inside the pocket of a clown

(yeah, youtube won’t let you rock out here, but go there, watch the cool video and then return here for the rest of my rhetoric…)

So maybe in hindsight, perhaps not the best opener to talk about the Circus, but dang I do love that song and I do love me some Dwight. But anyways…

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Zing Zang Zoom Circus pops the big tent next month and I’m certain it will be filled with happy, pocket-free clowns the whole family can enjoy.  And thanks to Mom Central one lucky winner here gets to go with free tickets!  I have a family four pack of tickets for the opening night performance March 10th in Cincinnati at 7pm. 

To enter, simply leave a comment here and cross your fingers.  I will use to draw the winner Monday, March 1st at 6pm, so get your entry in before then. 

I wish I could make you all winners but as you see above on the flyer, you can get discount tickets with the coupon code MOM at

Disclaimer: Mom Central, in addition to providing the family four pack for my winner also has given my family tickets to the performance.