This weekend, my political fire was re-ignited.   Like all good re-lights, it took the blatant celebration of everything I oppose to do it.  Thanks to the national media, I am motivated and ready to charge through to November.

Just a warning to my righty pals who I adore and love and usually completely disagree with, this will be lefty land for a while and I hope you’ll visit and share in the debate.  Read: I hope you’ll visit and let me tell you how wrong you are…lol, I kid. Sorta.

I challenge anyone desiring resolution and governing from our leaders, no matter which side of the aisle they are on to go here and read this.  It’s a wake up call to the majority of Americans who are now being drowned out by loud, obnoxious (though oddly not very clearly defined) minority out there guzzling their tea. 

Thanks to @georgegsmithjr for tweeting this and making me think when all I wanted to do was watch the damn Super Bowl!