ice-creamI gotta be honest, I’m a little bit of an ice cream snob.  I like the fancy (aka expensive) stuff.  I think it comes from childhood when the hoarder my mother would hide her Graeter’s or Aglamesis pints in the way back of the freezer so we wouldn’t see ‘em.  Then, late at night she’d dig ‘em out and scarf it down thinking we were tucked in our beds fast asleep.  To her I lovingly say: BUSTED – THE JIG IS UP SISTA.  WE KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING YOU GREEDY, GREEDY WOMAN.  And this, all the while she was scooping us the cheapest stuff the grocery store had to offer.  Fine, I’ll say it: it gave me an ICIC*

For years (well up until last week truth be told) I was convinced that grocery store brand ice cream was basically where joy went to die.  If it wasn’t good enough for my sneaky mother, I sure wasn’t going to eat it now that I was running the show! “I’ll go without before I lower myself to the cheap stuff!” would be my chant through the ice cream/novelty aisle. It was all very Scarlet O’Hara (meets Carol Burnett).  Side note: If you get that reference you’re golden; you’re old, but you’re golden.

sh_kroger_deluxe_icecreamThen Kroger’s asked me to try their Deluxe Ice Cream and sensing my reluctance, gave me some gift cards to try it for free.  Sure, my snobbery had me skeptical, but I figured if I didn’t like it, I’d just give it to Doug, right? So while shopping recently, I picked up a couple flavors – Crispy Candy Crunch and for my healthier side (ha), some fat-free Orange Sherbert.  P and I tried them on Sunday after the Bengals’ exciting victory.  The Crispy Candy was good right out of the container and we added a little Hershey’s syrup to the sherbert (wouldn’t want it to be too healthy afterall).  Creamy and rich, they were both delicious – definitely “way back of the freezer-worthy”!

Yes folks, I’ve become my mother.

Thanks to Kroger’s and their social media team, I’ve got some free ice cream to give away.  Simply leave a comment here and start making room in your freezer.  One lucky winner will win a six-month supply of ice cream.  Warning: if you’re like me, that ice cream won’t see Halloween – it is so yummy.  I’ll choose at random on Friday, October 2nd at 11:58 pm – so hurry.

In the meantime, check out Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream’s Facebook page and get the scoop and dish with other ice cream lovers.  I’ve already checked out the comments and have a list of flavors I MUST try next, so look for me in the ice cream case.  With a spoon.

psBlissHeroMaybe we’ll try out the Kroger Deluxe Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream and top it with some crumbled Kroger’s Private Selection Chocolate Two-Bite Brownies – though its such a challenge just to get that bag of yummy goodness home from the store!

*ice cream inferiority complex

Comments are now closed – thanks to all who entered – I’ll announce a winner soon!