Still high from the Bengals’ I-can’t-find-the-words-but-can’t-stop-talking-about-it comeback victory yesterday, I’ve decided to start a new feature here at Amy in Ohio – Monday Morning Quarterbacking. The.crowd.goes.wild. Don’t worry folks, we’re still keeping this lackluster and unimpressive as always – there shall be no fact checking or stat looking-up. No in-depth analysis or witty color commentary. I leave that to the folks in talk radio.

No, this’ll just be something to distract me from my Monday workload when the boss ain’t looking one last chance to champion the victories and bitch about the defeats before we head into the week. And with that I give you my recap:


If you’re like me, you might have been tempted to switch the channel early. After Big Ben had wiggled his way out of one too many tackles. Or after Willie Parker ramped up his yardage in the first four minutes. Maybe even after that smug face of Heinz Ward came on screen five times too many (those cameramen do luvs them some ketchup, eh?). Yep, my remote might have been itching to check out what was running on Lifetime. But I stayed the course, ordered some pizza and prayed for a better second half.

And saints be praised, the football gods were listening.

That fourth quarter was nothing short of amazing – voice hoarse from screaming, fingers numb from trash-talking on twitter, spirits soaring! Bengals – you made me believe again. Just like Santa Claus.

Cedric WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE Benson – Man, he can run and take a hit over and over and over again. I heart you Cedric. May I call you Cedric? Or love-love?

Brian “STRETCH ARMSTRONG” Leonard whose extra effort and amazing elasticity got us that first down in the final minute of the game keeping the dream alive. I’ve got some stuff on the top shelf of my closet and I needs you.

And Dhani Jones gets an extra special shout since my dear firend Katy wrote about him and his participation at Zoofari this past weekend.  Bengals with a heart – so sexy!  And ain’t my Katy hawt too!

Kate_the_Great and Dhani Jones at Zoofari

@Kate_the_Great and Dhani Jones at Zoofari

My only regret is that I was home watching it – I can only imagine electricity in that stadium. Watch out Cleveland – these cats are hunnnn-gry again!

PS: I just learned it was Marvin’s 100th game here in the Queen City –  time sure flies.  Glad you’re still with us Mr. Lewis and we’re still with you.