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ice-creamI gotta be honest, I’m a little bit of an ice cream snob.  I like the fancy (aka expensive) stuff.  I think it comes from childhood when the hoarder my mother would hide her Graeter’s or Aglamesis pints in the way back of the freezer so we wouldn’t see ‘em.  Then, late at night she’d dig ‘em out and scarf it down thinking we were tucked in our beds fast asleep.  To her I lovingly say: BUSTED – THE JIG IS UP SISTA.  WE KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING YOU GREEDY, GREEDY WOMAN.  And this, all the while she was scooping us the cheapest stuff the grocery store had to offer.  Fine, I’ll say it: it gave me an ICIC*

For years (well up until last week truth be told) I was convinced that grocery store brand ice cream was basically where joy went to die.  If it wasn’t good enough for my sneaky mother, I sure wasn’t going to eat it now that I was running the show! “I’ll go without before I lower myself to the cheap stuff!” would be my chant through the ice cream/novelty aisle. It was all very Scarlet O’Hara (meets Carol Burnett).  Side note: If you get that reference you’re golden; you’re old, but you’re golden.

sh_kroger_deluxe_icecreamThen Kroger’s asked me to try their Deluxe Ice Cream and sensing my reluctance, gave me some gift cards to try it for free.  Sure, my snobbery had me skeptical, but I figured if I didn’t like it, I’d just give it to Doug, right? So while shopping recently, I picked up a couple flavors – Crispy Candy Crunch and for my healthier side (ha), some fat-free Orange Sherbert.  P and I tried them on Sunday after the Bengals’ exciting victory.  The Crispy Candy was good right out of the container and we added a little Hershey’s syrup to the sherbert (wouldn’t want it to be too healthy afterall).  Creamy and rich, they were both delicious – definitely “way back of the freezer-worthy”!

Yes folks, I’ve become my mother.

Thanks to Kroger’s and their social media team, I’ve got some free ice cream to give away.  Simply leave a comment here and start making room in your freezer.  One lucky winner will win a six-month supply of ice cream.  Warning: if you’re like me, that ice cream won’t see Halloween – it is so yummy.  I’ll choose at random on Friday, October 2nd at 11:58 pm – so hurry.

In the meantime, check out Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream’s Facebook page and get the scoop and dish with other ice cream lovers.  I’ve already checked out the comments and have a list of flavors I MUST try next, so look for me in the ice cream case.  With a spoon.

psBlissHeroMaybe we’ll try out the Kroger Deluxe Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream and top it with some crumbled Kroger’s Private Selection Chocolate Two-Bite Brownies – though its such a challenge just to get that bag of yummy goodness home from the store!

*ice cream inferiority complex

Comments are now closed – thanks to all who entered – I’ll announce a winner soon!

Still high from the Bengals’ I-can’t-find-the-words-but-can’t-stop-talking-about-it comeback victory yesterday, I’ve decided to start a new feature here at Amy in Ohio – Monday Morning Quarterbacking. The.crowd.goes.wild. Don’t worry folks, we’re still keeping this lackluster and unimpressive as always – there shall be no fact checking or stat looking-up. No in-depth analysis or witty color commentary. I leave that to the folks in talk radio.

No, this’ll just be something to distract me from my Monday workload when the boss ain’t looking one last chance to champion the victories and bitch about the defeats before we head into the week. And with that I give you my recap:


If you’re like me, you might have been tempted to switch the channel early. After Big Ben had wiggled his way out of one too many tackles. Or after Willie Parker ramped up his yardage in the first four minutes. Maybe even after that smug face of Heinz Ward came on screen five times too many (those cameramen do luvs them some ketchup, eh?). Yep, my remote might have been itching to check out what was running on Lifetime. But I stayed the course, ordered some pizza and prayed for a better second half.

And saints be praised, the football gods were listening.

That fourth quarter was nothing short of amazing – voice hoarse from screaming, fingers numb from trash-talking on twitter, spirits soaring! Bengals – you made me believe again. Just like Santa Claus.

Cedric WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE Benson – Man, he can run and take a hit over and over and over again. I heart you Cedric. May I call you Cedric? Or love-love?

Brian “STRETCH ARMSTRONG” Leonard whose extra effort and amazing elasticity got us that first down in the final minute of the game keeping the dream alive. I’ve got some stuff on the top shelf of my closet and I needs you.

And Dhani Jones gets an extra special shout since my dear firend Katy wrote about him and his participation at Zoofari this past weekend.  Bengals with a heart – so sexy!  And ain’t my Katy hawt too!

Kate_the_Great and Dhani Jones at Zoofari

@Kate_the_Great and Dhani Jones at Zoofari

My only regret is that I was home watching it – I can only imagine electricity in that stadium. Watch out Cleveland – these cats are hunnnn-gry again!

PS: I just learned it was Marvin’s 100th game here in the Queen City –  time sure flies.  Glad you’re still with us Mr. Lewis and we’re still with you.

P & O rock out at Disney on Ice Wednesday

There is one more show here in Cincinnati for Disney on Ice – tonight (Sunday) at 7:30 pm – be spontaneous and surprise your kids or grandkids. Believe me, it is a great show for all ages!  I’m tempted to go back myself!  Take a look at how much fun we had here!

And remember, use the code MOM to get $4 off regularly priced tickets.  More info here in my earlier post

A month or so ago, the gentlemen from Newport Gangster Tour invited Doug and I for a sneak peek.  Fancying myself a bit of a mafia buff, what with having seen anything and everything Casino, Sopranos and Godfather, I jumped at the chance.

The tours gather and head out from the historic Syndicate – former home of Glenn Schmidt’s Lanes, a backdrop to many of Newport’s most fascinating tales.  From there you venture around the city blocks – each with its own collection of stories and speculation about the people that put Sin City on the map of the nefarious.  We throughly enjoyed it.


Now these gangland afficionados are launching their next big thing with Gangsters, Gamblers and GHOSTS.  Fridays and Saturdays starting October 9th and running through Halloween, join other brave souls on a hike of the haunted, a stroll with the sinister.  What a perfect way to get in the spooky spirit of the season.

More information can be found on their website – book now as spots are filling up quickly.  And don’t miss the $5 off coupon found on the site.

Quick Note: Gangsters, Gamblers, and Ghosts is the brain-child of Newport Walking Tours, LLC.  This entire project started as a fundraiser for Global Service Learning, a group that takes local high school students to Central America to perform service work.  Learn more about their work and how to get involved by clicking here.

(Depeche Mode, oh I’ve missed ya)

How sad am I that the Season 2 of the greatest show ever created has come to an end?  Sadder still is the announcement at the end of the show that there wouldn’t be any more new episodes til next Summer. 

NEXT SUMMER?!! Alan Ball are you trying to kill me? NEXT SUMMER?!!

I’m trying to get through, but if anyone knows of a support group, @amyinohio me wouldya?  NEXT SUMMER ?!!

Disclaimer: We do not let P watch True Blood, she has no idea who Sookie is, she simply loves to get into the coffin, er, I mean ottoman.

We had twenty comments on yesterday’s post for the free Disney tickets.  A few were tossed out for various reasons and each comment was assigned a number based on the order they were posted.

The magic Random.Org winning number is: 13!

Congratulations Andrea!  Someone will be reaching out soon to get some information for your tickets.

And remember, special pricing is available for everyone else, simply follow the link here to find out details.

PS: My SINCEREST apologies to Mom Central for mis-naming them in yesterday’s post.  With all those Princess names in my head, I barely know what MY name is!!

Not an afternoon goes by when I’m not “quizzed” by my daughter during our drives home from preschool. At three, she is well on her way to a successful career in either interrogation or drill sergeantry. With spit-fire quickness and relentless badgering, no question is out of bounds and there are no free passes.

“Mommy what is my favorite color?”

“What does Goofy eat?”

“Does Goofy eat what Bella (DoginOHio) eats?”

“Does Goofy have a cat too like we do? Remember when our cat threw up on the carpet?”

“Who is Mickey Mouse married to?”

“Who is Daddy married to?”

“What are the princesses’ names?”

“Mommy you didn’t name all the princesses”

“Mommy you don’t know all the princesses’ names, do you?”


And with that, another mom FAIL.

No, I don’t know all the Disney Princesses. When I was her age there were what? Two? Three, if you counted Snow White. Now, there are 437 and frankly I can’t keep ‘em straight. Plus, apparently you don’t have to have royal cartoon blood to be considered a Princess in the mind of a three year old. Nope, you basically need long hair and poofy dress. And the poofy dress is optional if you are a mermaid. Dude, there are a lot of rules.

But life for this momma just got easier because thanks to Disney and Mom Central, we’ve been invited to see Disney on Ice – 100 Years of Magic – live and in person when it hits Cincinnati later this month. To say P is excited would be an understatement and I get to brush up on some of my character recognition for the next pop-quiz I’ll have to face. (Note to self: ask Goofy what he eats)

Cincinnati-Dayton Flyer-1

And wait, it gets better, one lucky winner will have the chance to do the same. Simply leave a comment here and I’ll select a winner at random for a family four-pack of tickets to opening night on September 23rd in Cincinnati.  Extra entry if you tweet the contest – just leave another comment telling me you did so.  Hurry, contest ends tomorrow (9/16) at 11:59 pm.

You know here at AmyinOHio, no one walks away a loser though, so even if you aren’t selected for the free tickets, you can still get a great deal on tickets for your family by following this link for details.  There you can purchase tickets for the Dayton or Cincinnati shows at a special Mom Select rate – 4 tickets for $44 for Monday thru Friday matinee shows or $4 off tickets for weekend shows.  Again, this discount is good for Dayton or Cincinnati shows.

Disclosure: As noted above, my family, as well as one lucky reader, will be in the audience on opening night in Cincinnati thanks to the generosity of Disney and Mom Select. No other form of compensation was received for this posting.

redsJust a reminder about the first annual Cincinnati Blogger Day at the Reds – this Sunday, September 20th.

In case you didn’t hear, the wonderful folks at Chevrolet are hosting a pre-game gathering for us from 10:30-12:30 that morning.  Coffee, delicious breakfast goodies, as well as some sweet treats to take along with you to the game will be available all courtesy of Chevrolet.  This will take place at the Bellevue Medical Arts Building across from the Frisch’s and down the road from The Party Source.

2010-chevrolet-equinox-exterior-interior-2Look for a white pop-up tent and some swanky, brand-new Chevys – that is where we’ll be!  This lot is used for the Tank Southbank Shuttle which you can hop on to the game and avoid the parking (higher priced that weekend due to Oktoberfest festivities).  The shuttle is $1.50 – so remember exact change!

Again it is a 1:10 pm game and for those of you who have purchased your tickets but not received them, I will have them that morning.  I will have the tickets with me at the Chevy event til 12:00 and then I’ll be near the kiosks at the stadium thereafter until game time – look for my BLOGGER WILL CALL sign and my obnoxious red hair. Much like this:

19794Minus the shoes of course

Again, @amyinohio me if this becomes an issue that day or if you need to make other arrangements.   If you have any questions, leave them here or @amyinohio me.  Can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday!


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