Let’s just lay it all out on the table, shall we? This summer has not been a banner season for me and my weight loss efforts. I have no one to blame but myself of course.  I’ve slacked with reckless abandon; a devil-may-care attitude to match my good-Lord-look-at-that-ass physique. Yes people, we’ve been down this road before. Heck, they should name the darn street after me.

LFG LogoThat is why I’m so happy that Weight Watchers (you know, the program that works well for me when I actually, you know, DO IT) is bringing back it’s Lose For Good campaign. You may recall my posts from last year about this effort that teams those who eat too much (uh, me) with organizations helping families and children who don’t have enough to eat. Last year, a million dollars was donated because members like me got busy and dropped pounds – FOUR MILLION POUNDS.  That is mighty busy.

For every pound I lost, Weight Watchers donated the equivalent to hungry people here in the United States and worldwide. Not a bad deal for something I should be doing any way. This campaign really motivated me last year and I had my best weight loss results ever in the program. I’m hoping for a repeat performance.

gviewThis year promises to be bigger and better with even more good gettin’ done. One new thing?  Oh, a little Lose For Good ambassador by the name of Jenny McCarthy. Jenny, as many of you know, is a walking, talking, and hawt! Weight Watchers success story and she is spreading the word far and wide.

Weight Watchers members are once again partnering with Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger. Two outstanding groups leading the charge to end hunger everywhere – locally and globally.

Sad facts:

In the United States alone, one in six children is at risk of hunger. That means 12 million American kids have limited access to nutritious foods, which exposes them to a host of other problems like impeded development, poor mental health and greater susceptibility to obesity. 24,000 people die each day due to hunger and hunger-related causes. These alarming numbers have grown by over 40% since 2000 and are predicted to increase even more due to the economic downturn.

(Information courtesy of Weight Watchers)

This year’s program kicked off yesterday (August 30th) and will run through October 17th. I’ll be posting about it each week as it runs: my progress, more information on the good that was done with last year’s campaign, and as an added bonus – MY HUSBAND’S progress.

Doug has been concerned since he was laid off about those Mr. Mom pounds adding up. A month ago, Doug was doing a rather physical job without access a pantry full of snacks. Now that he is at home with P three days a week – it can get out of hand fast. So after some prodding and couple months of free meetings courtesy of the amazing people at Weight Watchers, he has agreed to jump on the bandwagon and LOSE FOR GOOD with me! We’ll hit our first meeting tomorrow and I’m so excited to be doing this together – we might even borrow from the supa-tastic Esther (aka Faint Starlight) and vlog a little along the way! Stay tuned!

So if you are carrying around some extra pounds and want to get started on a program that works, look into Weight Watchers – there is no better time than now. LOSE FOR GOOD – YOUR GOOD and THEIR GOOD!