One would think that post-Blogher, after a weekend surrounded by the best bloggers, the wittiest women…I would be ripe with ideas, filled to the brim with the need to express myself and my thoughts.  Perhaps post a Blogher recap or  rub my swag right in your noses.

One would think.

But this blog and the blogosphere is far from my thoughts these days.  Doug was let go from his job the Tuesday before I left for Chicago.  While I was able to leave those troubles in Cincinnati last weekend, they are all-consuming now that he’s gone through his first week of wondering and worrying. 

Of course, we’re not alone, there are families everywhere going through this.  We have our home, I have my job, we’re healthy and full of love – stuck with each other no matter what.  We’re in better shape than many, so its hard to complain.  But when its your family, your child, your step-children, your husband.  Casualties of a crappy economy and the uncertainty.

Uncertainty – that’s what gets ya.  What keeps you up at night.

Don’t worry, this is my happy place – it will not become a constant woe is me space you avoid like the crazy lady at the supermarket.  I just wanted you to know what’s going on and if I seem distracted from time to time, its not you, its me.