Two weeks from tomorrow, at an unholy hour I haven’t seen since my departure from the US Army, four lovely ladies and me (I don’t do lovely at 5:30am) will embark on an adventure. An adventure that will be far more exciting than an African safari, far more hilarious than any HBO comedy special, and far more stylin as we’ll be cruisin’ in one of these sweetios:


And before you ask, no Mommy Bits has not stolen a car…geez, ye of little faith. But she did gather us together and got us on THE Blogher Blogroll – a select group of gals from around the country that will be hitting Chicago engines running courtesy of Chevrolet.

We will find out shortly (TRAVERSE) which of the snazzy Chevy models we’ll be, well, modeling and I’ll keep you posted (TRAVERSE) and let you know (TRAVERSE) my reaction to the automobile, which ever it might be (TRAVERSE). As someone that is still driving a car from the nineties (you know I hold on to the classics, hello ‘76 Nokia?), I’m betting if the windows go up and down without saying a novena, I’ll be giving the ride four stars. So thanks to Blogher (holla Erin!) and Chevrolet (holla @lesleyhittinger, @kamkam, @robnh, @connieburke and @gmblogs )

But the beauty of the Chevy will only be enhanced by the joy inside. How did I ever get so lucky to hook up with (shown left to right) Lu, Shannan, (me), Jennifer and Andi? We’re planning some light opera singing, a little Mambo #5 (if Andi will bring it out of retirement) and a game or two (shhhh, keep that to yourselves internets, I haven’t told the lovelies of my affection for anything Milton-Bradley).

BlogHerCarpool V1 copy

We’ll be live-blogging, tweeting (duh), flipping, twit-pic’ing, pic’ing our noses, mooning passerbys from Michigan experiencing the wonder of the great American highways and byways, getting arrested meeting the locals, fleeing the county stretching our legs, eating lots of McGriddles prioritizing our health (as always), and going a little Thelma and Louise bonding as only a long road trip with great gal pals can do. If someone sleeps with Brad Pitt along the way, you’ll be the first to know.


See ya in Chicago suckers – you’ll be eating our dust.*

*I wish to inform Lesley and all of the wonderful folks at Chevrolet and Blogher that the use of the term “eating our dust” was used merely for dramatic effect, bravado if you will. At no point during our journey will any of these qualified-with-barely-a-blemish-on-their-records-gals be offering any dust to be eaten by our fellow drivers. Our hands will remain firmly in the 10 and 2 position, speedometer set at comfy and SAFE! 55 mph, while we listen to books on tape.

Pinky swear it.