Wow, it’s Tuesday and I’ve yet to recover from the weekend.  As a typical Working Mom Against Guilt, being away so much during the week leads me to frightfully overbook the weekend to compensate…it’s a vicious cycle that leads to loads of fun but near-exhaustion by Sunday.  Thank goodness I’m back to work – I needed the break!  The highlights and some shout outs to the great folks who made the weekend so much fun for our clan:

Met up with my gals Erin and Marianne and the kiddos for my first taste of Marion’s Pizza in Dayton…yum-o, one of my new favorites!  Thanks for the intro ladies!

Hit the Sprayground in Centerville and it was terrific.  It is so well-maintained and clean and not over-crowded.  Worth the drive from Cincy for sure and we’ll be back for sure!

Scored a couple bargains at Elder-Beerman for Blogher with the wonderful and amazing Jenny.  She’s making my stylish…watch for it in Chicago people, watch for it!

On to Erin’s cookout to celebrate her upcoming book.  Yep, that’s right, I’m hanging with a soon-to-be published author!  Added bonus? More quality time with Jenny and added Becky and Andrea to the mix! So much fun.  And P made a pretty serious love-connection with the R’ster…they grow up so fast.

barlogoFamily time at the Northside Fourth of July Parade.  Joined the fun with @veganjacob, @ms5chw4r7z, @5chw4r7z, @kate_the_great, @geekjames. Met up with some delicious biscuits at Take the Cake beforehand…dreaming up their yummy pimento cheese spread and roasted vegetables! yes! on a biscuit! right now!


Headed to Aunt Deb’s for dinner and what we’d hope would be the Blue Ash Fireworks, but no dice – too rainy.  But! Doug made a strawberry pie, so there was that bit of deliciousness!

FYI: the blurry pic does not do it justice

FYI: the blurry pic does not do it justice

Finally, at the family gathering rounding up the weekend, we got to video-Skype with the kids in Gulf Shores.  It was quite a treat for Grandma and Grandpa – what an amazing thing Skype is (pls get that Blackberry Application up and running, kthx)!  And later, P got to hold a sparkler while I monitored my blood-pressure.  But it was  all good.  And there was another strawberry pie! Bonus! Bonus!


All and all, quite a weekend.  Though I doubt it, I wish P could hold onto some of these great memories – oh wait, that’s what this blog is for!  Hope you all had just as much fun celebrating this weekend!  God Bless America!