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This week, the ladies (and the gents who love them) have a real treat to look forward to. The amazing women of Cincy Chic are partnering with the lovely Candace from Art of the Spa to bring focus to the three areas of greatest concern in women’s health today: heart health (red), breast health (pink) and diabetes health (blue). There are lunch and learn opportunities on Thursday and Friday, followed by a day long health and beauty extravaganza on Saturday.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak the other night (along with some of my favorite gal pals – Erin and Andrea) and it looks like a can’t-miss event. You can read all about the details and how to register here at the site.

photo courtesy of Andrea at (taken by @5chw4r7z)

photo courtesy of Andrea at (taken by @5chw4r7z)

AND BONUS! Thanks to the coordinators and sponsors of this terrific event, I have a couple passes to give to a reader, so if you are interested please leave a comment here or email me at

See, it’s more than me that loves @Yagoot. Yagoot is adored by the entire household at Chateau Cribbs.

Cincy Folks: Are you meeting up with us this weekend?  Saturday, 10am at Yagoot for THE Pre-Blogher Bash in the Tri-State.

Ah, three years with P.  Seems like just yesterday.  Doug and I are especially nostalgic this year,  more so than in years past on P’s birthday (the whole two of them).  I think we are less in survival-mode this time around than we were the first two.  Back then we were just so darn pleased with ourselves that we didn’t break her.  Yeah, us!

I hope to get a post up resulting from all these memory hot-flashes we’ve been having, but in the meantime, here’s our gem just as she woke up this morning on her big day:

Yes, she is in her dress from the night before.  Sometimes it’s just not worth it to fight over PJs, know what I mean?

The new radio station in town is playing some amazing toonage. As I tweeted earlier, it’s like leafing through my yearbooks – crazy how vividly those songs bring back memories. Doode, I can almost feel a hangover from 1989.

This station couldn’t have come at a better time as P’s audio preferences are being formed. With the help of Rewind 94.9, our morning and afternoon drive times give me a chance to counteract the crap Doug exposes her to, namely classical snoozic (not all of it is bad, but there is a time and place) and talk radio (there is NO time and NO place for this, period). Is he deliberately trying to turn my bay-bee into a nerd?

But my worries were eased this morn when we caught a song straight out of Mommy’s golden youth and my little gem proclaimed:

Bon Jovi Rocks! for those of you not hip to toddler talk. Hells yeah they do.

And it’s nice to get affirmation from my newest BFF, Emilie (aka Doritos4Dinner) – I always want to hit the vending machine when I think of her:

Note to self: Find one of these passes

Note to self: Find one of these passes

Note to self: Keep hubs away from blog

Note to self: Keep hubs away from blog

Lest we forget the glory that is the greatest band e-vah:

It’s up to you parents – you are the only thing standing between your kid(s) and Brittany Montana. Don’t let ’em down.

The delightful OAM Mammas! Photo courtesy of @jennyitup

The delightful OAM Mammas! Photo courtesy of @jennyitup

And now they are nominated for a BlogLuxe Award as Tastiest Blog!  Please take a moment to vote for my cooking tutors, Once A Month Mom here:



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