pampers_cruisersThose of you close to me know that our family has been trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to potty train P.  I look longingly at friends’ kids who have cleared this hurdle with their non-puffy tushies and sigh.  And then I head to Target to pick up another 64-pack.

I have that luxury.  We may not like the fact that we’ve been buying the suckers for almost three years now, but we’re blessed to be able to do so.  Not all families are able to take a necessity like diapers for granted.  Diapers are terribly expensive; wipes, diaper cream, more wipes, more diapers.  For many families, choices are made each day between food and rent and meeting their child’s most basic of needs.  And it stinks (pardon the pun).

That’s why when my buddy Kate told me about United Way’s most recent piece of their Live United campaign, I was particularly interested.

Pretty cool, huh? The Give 5 Diaper Drive is simple and you don’t need to be Oprah to make a difference.  Simply go to their site, donate $5 and then encourage five or more friends to do the same.

“REACH OUT A HAND TO ONE AND INFLUENCE THE CONDITION OF ALL” – wow that’s powerful stuff for five bucks and five emails, eh?

So who’s with me? Five bucks to change our community? Skip an extra value meal and become a hero!