We were at the zoo all weekend.  Went for a class Saturday morning and then Sunday the weather turned out to be near perfect (ha Cincinnati weather “forecasters”) we headed back to stroll around for a couple of hours.

Late in the day, just as the zoo was closing up for the night, we stumbled upon this, apparently love was in the air:

I had no idea their feathers spread out that much.  And that shimmey thing they do when the female walked by was amazing.  It was a rare moment indeed.  Sadly,  I don’t think the Love Doctor was successful, that female was promised to another.

Yes that is my P shouting “He’s gotta bigga one” over and over.  I can only hope she was referring to his feathers.  I took my toddler to Peacock Porn!

Thanks again Mo for the Flip – this moment would have been lost if it wasn’t for you!