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Congratulations to #4


Which after I do my counting is (drum roll please):

Erin from $5 Dinners

Congratulations – I’m sending you an email now!!

schoolhouseP’s class has an honor system; each child has three pieces of “money” (referred to by P as ‘my monies’).  If they follow directions, keep their listening ears on and cooperate with their friends and teachers, they hold on to their money and are rewarded with treats at the end of the day as they are departing.  If they don’t however, one piece of ‘my monies’ is taken and a note is left for the parent.  This continues for each infraction until your monies are gone and any hope of sugar is a distant memory. 

So I bet you’re wondering how my little P does in this toddler version of high finance?  I don’t take the critcism of my little lovebug lightly, so let’s just say that if you think this economy is rough for you and your family, you have no idea the great depression that is P’s preschool portfolio. At one point last week, P had to solicit some cash from a loanshark just to cover her nut for lunch.  Believe me when I tell you there is nothing sadder than a three foot tall panhandler. 


But today P held on to ALL of her monies and I couldn’t be more proud.  To celebrate, in addition to the three smarties she received (hello? smarties? You can’t blame the kid for lacking focus), I gave her a sucker I’ve had stowed away for just this occassion.  And the ride home was a rousing victory parade for her.  It was all very exciting.

As I was pulling to the light at our exit, I noticed she seemed to be “painting” something with her celebratory sucker.  I tilted my rearview mirror and witnessed she was taking the sucker, touching the bottom of her SHOE and then putting it back in her mouth.  Like the shoe was serving some kind of fondue.  After a couple of dryheaves, the following exchange occurred:

ME: P, stop doing that. 

P (oblivious to the eww): Wha?

ME: Give me that dirty sucker, you can’t have it anymore young lady.

P (taking one last lick): Why mommy?

ME:  Because you touched your dirty shoe and now the sucker is dirty and gross and disgusting.

P (whimpering a little): But Mommy my shoes are so cute.


And apparently quite tasty too.

pampers_cruisersThose of you close to me know that our family has been trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to potty train P.  I look longingly at friends’ kids who have cleared this hurdle with their non-puffy tushies and sigh.  And then I head to Target to pick up another 64-pack.

I have that luxury.  We may not like the fact that we’ve been buying the suckers for almost three years now, but we’re blessed to be able to do so.  Not all families are able to take a necessity like diapers for granted.  Diapers are terribly expensive; wipes, diaper cream, more wipes, more diapers.  For many families, choices are made each day between food and rent and meeting their child’s most basic of needs.  And it stinks (pardon the pun).

That’s why when my buddy Kate told me about United Way’s most recent piece of their Live United campaign, I was particularly interested.

Pretty cool, huh? The Give 5 Diaper Drive is simple and you don’t need to be Oprah to make a difference.  Simply go to their site, donate $5 and then encourage five or more friends to do the same.

“REACH OUT A HAND TO ONE AND INFLUENCE THE CONDITION OF ALL” – wow that’s powerful stuff for five bucks and five emails, eh?

So who’s with me? Five bucks to change our community? Skip an extra value meal and become a hero!



I know I’m bias, but darn she’s cute!

P’s birthday message to her sisters (not twins, but they share the same birthday) down in Alabama!


As you recall (I know how you hang on my every word) I had a wonderful experience at Blissdom in February.  Well, many wonderful experiences, but one inparticular left a major impression.  We were all treated to a sneak peak at the then-upcoming PBS special of Yanni’s longrunning project – Yanni Voices.  His beautiful melodies were married with poetic verse sung by the latest talents to hit the world stage. 

It was nothing short of amazing. 

And now thanks to the wonderful Arianne at One2One Network, another rare opportunity to enjoy this amazement has been given to me.

On Tuesday, June 2nd, my husband and I will get the chance to enjoy the touring show of Yanni Voices in Dayton (my home away from home).  As if that weren’t enough, we will get the chance to meet the performers after the show.  I ca’t tell you how excited I am.

But Arianne didn’t stop there!  One2One Network has generously given me another pairt of tickets and passes for the aftershow meet & greet to offer to a lucky reader.  Believe me when I tell you this show will not disappoint, it will be an evening to remember!

To enter, simply leave a comment here…no special hoops to jump through this time, simply leave a comment.  You obviously need to be able to get yourself to the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio.  I know this leaves some folks out, but keep your eyes and ears open as giveaways are going on all over the country as the tour proceeds.  And to double your chances for the Dayton concert, visit Momminitup and MommySnacks this week as they are also giving away tickets to the show.

This contest is a quickie  – a winner will be chosen at 11:59pm on Thursday, May 21st.  Good luck!

Sadly, this California transplant is the closest I’ve been to my Meghan in far too long.  She is amazing…Megs and the sea lion!

has caused a crazy panic at the Cincinnati Zoo

But don’t we all from time to time?


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