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We’re taking a hiatus from the previously announced hiatus to bring you this important announcement. That and the computers have crashed again and our tech can’t come back until Thursday. My kingdom for an abacus…

A few weeks ago, I got whispers of a new Weight Watchers promotion about to start. Not a major program shift like we saw late last year, but a great new incentive dealio to get those of us who might be lacking motivation to step up, step out and get MOVING.



You can get all the details here, including step by step (har har) instructions to get your winter rump into your springtime sexy.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these cities, there are trainers set up to help get you going towards a 5K:

Atlanta, GA

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Cleveland, OH

Dallas – Ft. Worth, TX

Denver, CO

Houston, TX

Indianapolis, IN

Los Angeles, CA

Minneapolis, MN

New York, NY

Long Island, NY

San Francisco, CA

Seattle-Tacoma, WA

St. Louis, MO

Tampa, FL

Washington, DC

So if you’ve been on the fence, wondering if Weight Watchers is right for you, there is no better time then now to give it a shot. What have you got to lose? I mean, other than the weight, right?

I’m committing here and now to doing a fitness walk 5K in June – early June – and I want some company. Join me. I’ll be posting along the way on any number of topics and I want to hear about your plans too. And who knows, as we mosey along working our way to a power walk, there might just be a prize or two courtesy of the wonderful Weight Watchers people to keep it interesting. So stayed tuned and get your shoes laced up already!

We regret to inform you this blog has been suspended until further notice due to work commitments. These commitments will likely lead to my eventual commitment to a state-run institution of some sort, fingers-crossed they have free wi-fi.

Computers…which you all know I have loved like they were my own motherboards…have turned on me. Until a peaceful negotiation can be worked out which will get those robotic-satanic pieces of hardware back in line, my time is short and my brain mush.


Why I didn’t become a farmer, I’ll never know. I mean, look at these happy people above. They’ve never even heard of computers or network drives or interfaces and look at the joy on their faces?

Wish me luck, say a prayer and if you live in a state that allows you to ship liquor…make yourself useful, wouldya?


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