Getting P involved in sports and exercise is important to me. I’ve been chubby my whole life (with the exception of my military days when men with guns helped me “modify my behavior”) and growing up, I know physical activity was not prioritize nearly enough.

So I make it a point to keep her active and encourage her to not be a couch potato. She is currently taking tumbling classes (I know, silly for a two year old, right? But they are so much fun.). Each week she goes to a Stretch and Grow class at preschool which is nice during these winter months when they don’t get much outside playground time. I make a mental note when she expresses an interest in things as she sees them – karate class on Sesame Street or ballet dancers at the Fine Arts Sampler.

That’s why I was very interested to hear about Tennis Night in America. My bloggy BFF and real-life-soul-sista Shannan first posted about it at Mommy Bits Reviews. I figured at two, P might be a little too young for tennis, but definitely something to plug into the ol’blackberry for next year!

h_centrecourtroof_aecI’ll admit, tennis intimidates me. Growing up, it seemed to be a sport for the fancy people. My memories of it were watching Wimbledon on television around the Fourth of July each year. Those beautiful grass courts (at least at the beginning of the tournament) seemed to define wealth and privilege – I mean the QUEEN went the Wimbledon for heaven’s sake! How silly to be intimidated by one instance of the sport, clear on another continent, but I was.

But no more – tennis is for everyone and it happens to be a super sport to introduce your child to. And if you’re like me, you haven’t a clue where to start – fear not! Next week, March 2nd is NATIONAL YOUTH REGISTRATION NIGHT. The first ever “Opening Day” for youth tennis in the U.S.


Almost 600 local tennis programs around the country will host signup events that night. You can find a spot near you by visiting

tennis_for_kids1Tennis is an easy fit for busy and frugal families (it’s less expensive than the national averages for football, baseball, softball and lacrosse by nearly 50%!). I’m sure if you think about it, there are courts spattered all over your community. Then, all your kids really need is a racquet, a ball, and a little encouragement!

So check it out and keep me posted. Maybe when your little Steffi Graf is playing at Wimbledon you could invite your buddy Amy in OHio to come along! Think we could sit next to the Queen?