Today I am thirty-seven years old. Right now you’re all saying to yourselves “No way, that must be a typo, she can’t be a day older than 28″. My immaturity has helped keep me young looking in everyone’s eyes.

Instead of getting all reflective and mournful about the express-lane passing of my youth, I’m committed to embracing that number, shouting it loud and proud and lock into place a permanent state of blessed.

At this point in my life no other word sums up my being more than this: GRATEFUL. So in honor of this special day, I give you thirty-seven things I am grateful for (In absolutely no particular order, some are life-affirming, forever things, some are silly things that make me smile. A complete life needs a healthy mixed of both.)

1. My daughter P, who has added so much to my world. She’s also the world’s best birthday-cake-candle-blower-outer ever!


2. My amazing husband who loves me regardless of my bad moods and tasteless humor. He supports me without hesitation and makes me feel beautiful.

3. My step-kids, C, M & B, here with Daddy on our trip to Florida last summer:


4. My dog Bella, a pain in the butt much of the time, but the wet, sloppy kisses have changed the tone of many a day.

5. The cat, a pain in the butt all of the time, but she’d find out if she didn’t make the list and I don’t want her peeing in my shoes.

6. My car – it’s old and geeky, but it runs and gets me where I need to be. AND NO CAR PAYMENT

7. Our house – it’s old and messy, but we’re luckier than many to have a home to call our own.

8. My old friends, you know who you are and you’ve shaped me forever.

9. My new friends, many of whom have come into my life because of blogging and social media. It’s corny, but they are amazing and a treasure to me.

10. My Mom, who passed away too soon but is with me always.

11. John Cusack


12. Blissdom/The New Orleans Manor – it brought new friends into my life that make me laugh til I cry.

neworleands1Many of my #9’s are in this photo following dinner at New Orleans Manor

13. My relationship with God, bumpy at times but unconditional.

14. My understanding boss – a working Mom herself, the flexibility and kindness she offers is worth so much.

15. M & M’s

16. Graeter’s Mint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (which sadly is no longer the flavor of the month, so it’s back to Chocolate for me)

17. Maker’s Mark and Chateau St. Michelle Reisling

18. 3-Ways from Skyline

19. My Blackberry

20. My Self-Confidence, it was a hard-fought battle to get it and I’ll never let it go.

21. Control top panty-hose

22. Liz at Rustic Pear who gives me hope that my hair can be pretty



twitter@amyinohio in case you don’t know

24. Dell Outlet Store who is making the dream of owning a laptop a reality: Anticipated Purchase Date: 2/28/2009 (with my birthday funds!)

laptop-inspiron-9-design2125. Smiley Face Cookies from Busken’s

cookies_smiley26. EQ Classes at The Party Source

27. Great Books: From Jane Austen to Jen Lancaster, great books take you away and link us together


28. Rhapsody on the Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninoff, the greatest piece of music ever

29. Lobster

30. Cosmopolitans

31. Three-day weekends

32. The Pancake Pantry – Christmas on a Plate


34. Big Love – I can’t get enough of those crazy-ass fundamental polygamists

35. Oreo Cookies


36. Jazzercise – finally an exercise I actually like to do

37. You! for taking time to read this list and visit me from time to time!

Have a wonderful day and find the gratitude!