After reading my buddy Jennifer’s post from yesterday, I’ll admit I was a tad intimidated going into today’s celebration at preschool. This is P’s first official Valentine’s Party as she wasn’t old enough for such sophistication last February.

Like Jennifer, I purchased very cute (at least I thought so, as did my two year old) doggie & kitty themed valentines and they even came with 3-D matching stickers – it was like TWO valentines in one (I’m a giver). But after hearing that many parents lose their minds go the extra mile for the Valentines Day (what with all the silly special, Hallmark spiritual meaning the day has), I knew I needed to up my game a bit or face the humiliation of being “that mom”.

Thanks to Happy Housewife who tweeted about this super cute crafty project, I was able to pull these off for P’s party today to give to each kid with their generic-store-bought-valentine:


And the best thing about these is that P was able to help with them without any special clothing, wobblers or trips to the ER. SCORE one for busy Moms everywhere.

Go check out the You Can Make This site – great ideas for those of us not born with the Martha-gene!

One note to those thinking about doing it: think of transportation before you get in your car. These things have balance issues and you can’t just set them on the seat next to you. And letting the two year old hold them is NOT, I REPEAT NOT an option. Sure the kid is cute and wants to help, but she can not be trusted. The minute your back is turned she’ll be chowing down on your one opportunity to validate yourself as a mother. Just sayin’.

So Happy Day Before Valentines Day Day.

Tune in tomorrow when (if your lucky) I might just post a pic of me in a dress. That’s right, a dress.