My name is Amy in Ohio and I am one of the Elevator 13. For forty life-altering minutes, I shared a space the size of my closet with these women (and by closet I mean red fur coated death chamber of hell/tanning bed):

Jennifer PlayGroups Are No Place for Children
Victoria Vdog + Little Man
Heather – The Spohrs Are Multiplying
Heather – The Queen of Shake Shake
Emily – DesignHer Momma
Amy – Amy in Ohio
Hebba – JeepGirl17
Shannan – Mommy Bits
Alli (our prego!)- Blessed Treehouse
Sandy – Organize with Sandy
Jenny – Mommin’ It Up
Dawn – Kaiser Alex
Cortney – Once A Month Mom

I’ve recently been committed to a mental institution (Hotel Preston: expect the bill). I may have been one of the ones guilty nervous flatulence, but in my defense, I was too busy trying not to hurl on Vdog (you’re welcome) to control ALL of my body parts.

I’m not going to do the play-by-play. My therapist thinks that I should save that for group and we have cookies at group. You can however check out these amazing posts (or as I like to call them “Exhibits A B C D E F G and H your honor”).

Okay, I gotta take my meds now and then it’s straight to arts and crafts hour.