I look around
And try to decide
My ignorance
I can not hide

How many bytes…
And gigawhat?
Online, in store,
Stuck in a rut

Which brandname to choose?
THAT took nearly a year
Meeting Ann at Blogher
It made it quite clear

HP it would be
That was the easy and true
Now I look at their choices
Wondering what to do?

Screen size and speed
Is it WiFi ready?
I haven’t a thought
My feet grow unsteady

Webcams and mics
And warranty terms
I was ready to give up
Oh, when will I learn?

But then as I twittered
The universe came through
HP Cheer let me know
Just what to do

This beautiful clutch
Oh could it be?
This was the notebook
Meant just for me

I’m forever loyal
To you HP
From my LaserJet 4000
To desktop utility

Now I just need one thing more
To make me complete
Vivienne Tam’s Digital Clutch
As I’m walking down the street

How stylish I’d be
How sexy and hot
The best Valentine ever
If it’s what I got:


(My heart skips a beat just lookin’ at her)