It’s hard to not to have some healthy skepticism in this world.  Worries about your marriage, your mortgage, your kid’s future, your choice in President.

But God help me, I am free of worry when it comes to Barack Obama. 

In tonight’s reachout to the American people, this man spelled out in the simpliest terms the hows and the whys behind his candidacy.  You can view it here if you missed it.

He sure wasn’t speaking to me, he’s had my support for many, many months.  But to those he was speaking to, I hope his words rang true.  I pray they listened.  

He spoke to the nation – one family, one story at a time.  The fears over the economy so visible on each face.  The strain of no or limited health care causing an unbelievable burden on our most vulnerable citizens.  The stress that comes from not knowing what the next day might bring – will you see your way through it or collapse under the enormity?

D and I are that couple in Cincinnati he spoke of at the end.  We worry about the whens and ifs of our retirement.  We thank the heavens each day that we aren’t closer to those golden years.  We have friends and loved ones who are and the horizon ain’t pretty. 

We don’t look to Obama to magically take care of us and put us in a big house on the hill.  We work hard, and don’t mind doing it.  We want a comfortable life.  We want to keep our home and maintain it’s value.  We want to save for P’s college and future.  We want to retire at a reasonable age, enjoy our grandkids and live happy.  We don’t need much to make this happen and we certainly don’t look for handouts.  Our parents managed and even did so without college degrees of their own.  The question then is why is it so hard for us to manage the same?

I’m voting for Barack Obama because he sees the struggle, he knows it doesn’t need to be so hard and he’ll work to make life for the middle class a little easier.  And that’s all I ask – for it to be just a little easier.

I believe in you, Barack Obama.  You’re the first presidential candidate I’ve ever said that about.  I hope you know the gravity of that statement.  You took a bold step tonight.  When you sit in that Oval Office in a few short months, I know you’ll remember the vows you took tonight. 

And I’ve got it recorded just in case you don’t.