So Halloween is a week and a half away. I’m not nearly as excited about P’s costume this year. Last year she was cute as a button:

In this pic, D is standing next to her dressed as the Gordon’s Fisherman carrying the net and all. Kinda like this:

But less burly. Oh, and no boat.

For some reason I can’t put my mouse on the picture of the whole family – I was wearing a tag that read “Hello my name is Annette”. I know, I’m clever, clever, clever.

The year before she was the most adorable little chicken and almost made a bawk bawk sound when you prompted her. It sounded more like blah blah, but dude she was four months, cut her some slack.

See the problem with success like this is you set the bar high. People expect a winner each October. You can’t disappoint. You can’t let your fans down.

To that end, we have four costume’s to choose from this year and I’m taking your opinions into consideration. Don’t you love this new WordPress gadget? And you don’t even need a tutorial to make it work. My first survey last week was wildly accurate, so this might just become my new Magic 8 Ball.

So what say you? Which costume will win over the cute category judges and not emotionally scar her?

She has voiced a desire to be Abby Cadabby, but I think we’re gonna hold off on that until next year when the odds of her poking my an eye out with the magic wand are lessened. I know, I’m terribly self-centered.