I’m working on a proper Thank You for all my bloggin’ pals and will post it on Monday.  In the mean time, just wanted to share a comment from (Eric, the webmaster at Share Our Strength):

Hi, I’m Eric, the webmaster over at Share Our Strength. I didn’t want to comment yesterday because I thought it might be a little unfair, but I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you’ve done here. Thanks so very much for your generosity!

That gratitude is to all of you – I’m blessed to have received 57 comments yesterday, sending $114 dollars to Share Our Strength. That is well over 25 bags of food for a local food bank.

It’s amazing what pulling funds like this can do. I could never go to the grocery store with $114 and come out with 25 bags of food – none of us could. But organizations like Share Our Strength can take this money, combine it with thousands of other donations and effect real change in people’s lives. It’s extraordinary and you are now a part of that change! Not too shabby, eh?

Don’t let it stop here people – make your mark somewhere in your community. We all face lean times ahead and that is when kindness and generosity is most needed!

Good deeds have a great way of boomeranging right back at you!