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I have to confess that I only watched bits and pieces of the Presidential Debate Tuesday night. I was tired and maybe a little election fatigued. That, and I get a little nauseous whenever McCain does that creepy smile.

I don’t suppose I’m the audience those debates are made for really. I can’t possibly look at them with any objectivity. Obama is always going to win, McCain will always lose because of the ideals they represent. It’s really cut and dry for me. There are fundamental issues that I believe in which would prevent me from ever voting for McCain or any Republican most likely. It has nothing to do with his hero status, his VP choice or how many houses he owns. It’s all about the basic principles of how and when govern, what to prioritize and where we want our country to head over the next four years.

My decision to vote for Obama was made long ago. Long before any hats were ever tossed in the ring. I’ve identified myself as a liberal democrat (getting more liberal by the year) for almost two decades now. Short of the Joe Lieberman or the ghost of Hitler being named the Democratic nominee, my vote would be cast to the left.

It’s hard for me to understand the un-decideds in this election. We have two polar-opposites on so many BIG issues. It seems logical that you decide where YOU sit on those issues and vote accordingly. How could there be indecision? But it exists, some of my dear friends reside on that fence. I have visions of coins being tossed all over the country on November 4th. (There is a suspicious part of me that thinks some of those “unsure” friends just don’t have the heart to tell me they are voting for McCain. Oh, the horror.)

Everyone has the right to pull that lever – whether they are prepared or qualified to do so. I’d like to think that each person willing to make the effort to make it to the polls on election day does so as an informed participant. But that’s not the case. And I’m in no way implying that votes for McCain are ill-informed. The bitter truth is that there will be millions of ill-informed votes cast for both candidates. It’s bound to happen when you bless every American with the right to vote. It is what it is, the beauty and the beast.

Whoever celebrates with a victory speech that night, will represent us all. I hope both candidates keep that in mind as the mudslinging and lip-service continues. The only real choice we have as Americans is to know what we’re getting ourselves into. Know the issues and where the candidates actually stand on them. Know your local officials as they are just as important, if not more so, to getting this nation back on track. And finally know yourself. Know where YOUR priorities lie and what you want for YOU, YOUR family and YOUR country over these next four years. Then and only then are we ready to step into that booth.

I’m off to do some more homework on Ohio’s Issue 6 right now!


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October 2008