Many of you have been following my weight loss progress over at Cincinnati Losers. I know I speak for all the losers when I tell you what an extra motivator it is to have your words of encouragement as we battle this demon.

A lot of people struggle every day with weight – whether they are trying to lose the weight or not, the extra pounds are a struggle. Climbing stairs, buying clothes, doctor’s visits, enjoying life – every aspect of your existence is affected when your weight is an issue.

In this country of plenty, where most of us have never known a day of hunger, obesity is the reality touching everyone. 1.6 BILLION people in the world are over-weight. 1.6 BILLION people eat too much on a regular basis, don’t get ample exercise and suffer the consequences of these unhealthy choices. It’s reached epidemic levels – I should know, I’m one of those people. For now.

As if in some bizarre parallel universe, almost a BILLION other people in the world don’t have enough to eat on a daily basis. This epidemic covers the spectrum of human existence: from U.S. children going to bed each night and heading off to school each morning with empty tummies, to devastating starvation killing thousands each day in third world nations.

And there, but for the grace of God, go any one of us.

A few years ago, a Seattle woman, Debbie Hugo decided to hit both epidemics head on. She was your typical Weight Watchers leader, working to inspire others to have the same success she had with the Weight Watchers program. In September, 2003, she decided to kick things up a notch.

Her plan was that for every pound or ounce that members lost, they would bring in the equivalent weight in food that would be donated to a local food bank. This was just the spark that her members needed to commit to weight loss and have the bonus of doing real good for their community. That first year, Hugo’s Members lost — and contributed, in food — about 3,000 pounds. And they’ve continued to lose and give in the years since.

WW headquarters heard about the amazing success of this local program and decided to launch it globally. On September 7th, Weight Watchers launched it’s first ever Lose for Good campaign. For every pound lost by Weight Watchers members between September 7th and October 18th, Weight Watchers will donate the equivalent poundage in food up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS to two charities combating hunger in the U.S. and worldwide. You can read more about those organizations here.

I’ve been in Weight Watchers a few times. My recent (and final because this time it’s gonna STICK!) effort began in January, slacked off in April and re-energized in August. On September 9th, inspired by this campaign, I bought a walking CD and I’ve been hitting the exercise hard. I don’t think I would have taken it to this next level had it not been for Lose for Good. I’ve lost 5.6 pounds since it began – my very best two week period EVER! That 5.6 pounds translates into milk for a month for 67 children! My flubber did that!? Amazing!

I want others to feel inspired and join me on this journey. Weight Watchers has generously given me two free three-month memberships to raffle off. You will have your choice between a traditional Weight Watchers membership or an online membership.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting off the couch and on with your life, leave a comment here telling me what part of YOUR life is affected by your weight and why you want to LOSE FOR GOOD and LOSE FOR GOOD. You have til October 1st at 11:59 pm EST. Winners will be randomly selected by that website random thinga-ma-gig. I’ll post the winners here on Thursday morning (10/2) and you can start doing it already!

I can’t wait to hear from you and become part of your cheerleading squad!