It seems the necessary thing to do…reflect on the events that rocked our world seven years ago. But finding the words can be difficult.

In so many ways it seems like it happened decades ago and in others it feels like yesterday. It boggles the mind to think how that one day transformed us, reshaped our nation, our world.

On this sad anniversary, I will not waste time with rhetoric or wonder. The whys and the hows of that day will be talked about for centuries to come.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Today my message is one of peace and remembrance.

One of concern for all those who continue to grieve.

One of prayers for those who serve in the aftermath.

One of hope the scars left by these wounds serve a purpose as we carry on.

photo credit: (Stan Honda/POOL/Reuters)

To all those who continue to live through September 11th – you are in my thoughts and prayers always.