How wonderful it must be to live in a world where things are absolute – black and white – no grey. Meghan, A Mom Two Boys, twittered this article and drew my attention to the comments left by folks regarding the Democratic Party. Gems like this:

“Although I’m pro-life as a conservative, I must admit that abortion does serve a useful purpose. Most of the people who have abortions are Democrats. If their children were allowed to be born, they would be raised as Democrats and the woods would be full of ’em. We Republicans wouldn’t have a chance. By killing them off, the natural balance is maintained.”

“The liberals do kill many of thier unborn, but they also spread a lot of STD’s by behaving like animals.”

“So, after everything is said and done the Dems have nominated one young inexperienced naive black man and one bitter old hate filled white man. About the only thing they have in common is they are both baby killers. Sad.”

I pretty much stopped there for fear of an aneurysm.

Animals? Baby Killers? I always love it when those with limited vocabulary and lack of ability to debate issues start name calling. I wear the label of “Socialist” proudly as it is often handed to me by people who have no idea what a socialist actually is.

In the simple world where these folks live, a place where black is black and white is white and you are wrong and they are right, Democrats = Baby Killers. And they place their heads gently on their pillow each night and haven’t a care about the bigger picture.

So for all you “conservatives” (again another term you might not be familiar with as you elected GWB twice leading this great land of ours with no fiscal responsibility and record spending. GWB is no conservative my wayward little friends, and here’s a newsflash: NEITHER IS McCAIN – but a discussion for another day), this “baby-killer” would like to give you her take on this issue that you base all of your political decisions on.

I don’t speak for all Democrats here as I don’t live in the absolute world some do. But from my years of reading, discussion and debate, I have come to these conclusions:

Some Democrats who find themselves Pro-Choice are not Pro-Abortion. We are simply unwilling to let the government dictate what a women should do with her body. You know how hot and heavy you are for smaller government? Well Connie (can I call you Connie?), we are too – we think the last place government should erect themselves is in our decision making when it comes to something happening to us and us alone. Period.

Some Democrats hate the idea of abortion. They hate the idea that a woman faced with an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy has to make a choice like this. It can be devastating and not one of us who value the right of a woman to choose her own path ever lose sight of this fact.

Some Democrats want programs in place – in schools, in society – that would eliminate the need for this choice. We want to live in a country where no one finds themselves pregnant and scared and without resources to welcome a child into their lives. We want to live in a country where every child is wanted. We see the enormous benefit of supplying the knowledge to those most vulnerable to unplanned pregnancies.

Some Democrats think that if a child is brought into this world, they should be afforded a base level of love, acceptance, education…a chance to succeed, no matter their race or gender or economic status. We believe that if they are equipped with the tools they need to prosper, they are that much more likely NOT to face the consequences of poverty and under-education lived by the generations proceeding them.

So that’s where this “baby-killer” stands.

The sad part of all of this is that I know everyone knows all of this already and at the end of the day, no one is going to read these words and say Wow! I totally get where they are coming from now. No more than I’m going to have a zen moment reading the shit Ann Coultier or Michelle Malkin put out there.

Again, this is just where some Democrats find themselves. For this Democrat this issue is not THE decision maker in who I choose to vote for. The wars (yes folks it is plural), the economy, the general state of affairs in this country far outweigh the abortion issue for me. It’s not to say that it is not an important one. I firmly believe that if we manage to fix many of the other ills plaguing our country, the need for abortions will decline. And that is something all of us should find agreement on.