Everyone was so impressed by my mad-math skills with last week’s quarter business, I’ve decided to keep it going: I lost over three rolls of quarters last week (or 1.6 lbs). You know what would be swell? If some magical sponsor could appear and pay me in rolls of quarters as each pound comes off. So if you’re rich and philanthropic, give me a ring, won’t you?

I weighed in on Tuesday. I’ll admit I wasn’t as diehard as I should have been with point counting and getting the dairy and water in each day. I almost didn’t go to weigh-in for fear of the scale.

While I was very relieved and very happy, I know there is a long road ahead of me. Another fifty pounds of road to be exact. Luckily, so many of you are rooting me on and it makes the baby steps that much easier. The first thought that ran through my head when the new number appeared was “yippee, I can’t wait to tell my blog buddies!”.

More good news, my friend Shannan has decided to join the weight-losing ranks. She’s adorable and I don’t know what she’s thinking (as a pudge, you have no idea what I’d do for her figure). But she’s not happy and she’s decided to work on it and I welcome her to the scale!

The biggest thing for me to make it work and stick this time is to change my view on food. I love food. I love how it brings people together. I love to try new things and introduce new things to friends and family. (For whatever reason trying new exercises has never brought me the same kinda joy, go figure.) Food was a big part of growing up – it was the key to celebration as well as the crutch through low times. More than anything, food, and lots of it, represented family and love and safety for me.

Even now, when I’m happy or sad (see I’m screwed both ways) I turn to food. There have been many times when I don’t even realize I’ve grab something. I’ll be half way through a can of Pringles before I’m thinking of the consequences. Once realized, I feel guilty and more often then not continuing eating to ease the guilt. What a vicious cycle.

I know what I need to do (and what I need not do) in order to lose weight. But as Weight Watchers reminds me: Knowing what to do to lose weight and applying that knowledge to daily life are two very different things.

So that is where I am today. Just trying, slowly but surely to retrain my brain. To still enjoy food and make it a healthy part of my life, but not the end all it has been to date.

We continue to cook in more often – we’ve only eaten out for our cooking series this week and I’m loving it. Who knew such wonders could come out of MY kitchen? Tonight’s dish: Rocco’s Gnocchi Shepherd’s Pie. We’re trying it for the first time. But it’s Rocco, so it’ll be doable and delicious – just like him.  And it gives me an excuse to post this:

You’re welcome.

The recipe we’re using is from the cookbook (“Rocco’s Real Life Recipes”) he gave me when we had lunch together in San Fransisco last month. Yes, I AM that cool. Okay, it wasn’t just me and Rocco. It was me and Rocco and a hundred or so other bloggers at Blogher. But he clearly liked me best. Don’t believe those bitches anyone if they tell you different.

By the way, for a novice cook (like me) this is a great cookbook and I highly recommend it. It’s very detailed and you don’t have to come with a lot of base know-how to find success. Thanks Rocco.

And thanks to all of you for thinking of me as I knocked off another 128 quarters. Can’t wait til Tuesday – wish me luck!