If you don’t count the hot dogs and soft pretzels at Friday’s Florence Freedom game, our little Ohio clan has not eaten out for over a week. This is a new record – the restaurant business in Cincinnati is surely feeling the pinch.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day (da-da-da-da-dum). I’m feeling okay about it, but some of the dishes we’ve been whipping up have not been good for my self control. It’s probably not a good thing that since re-joining Weight Watchers nearly all of my posts have focused on food in one form or another. Whatdayagonnado?

There were plenty of leftover supplies from last weekend’s pizza making extravaganza, so this time around we let P do a little of the work and she had so much fun and because *SHE* made it, she was more than willing to eat it – DOUBLE BONUS. Having a two year old in the kitchen presents both joy and hazard – but definitely worth it. And when she’s rich and famous, with her own cooking show and empire ala Rachel Ray, Mommy can retire early. Which, as you know, is my main motivation for motherhood – the eventual sponging off my offspring.

We cooked in all weekend – I love it when you have time to really do things well and enjoy the task at hand. And for the first time ever, I’m enjoying the act of cooking. I was very willing to let D handle that part of our domesticity up until now. This was a combination of laziness and lack of know-how. Surprisingly, when you have an inkling of what you’re doing, it can be quite a good time. We also got the benefit of spending together as we worked on the dishes and with the exception of a couple moments when “you’re not the boss of me” was uttered, it was nearly painless.

We decided to recreate Jean Strasser’s menu from Thursday’s Quickie Lunch,

if you recall I head to The Party Source on Thursdays now because the Wednesday fix wasn’t getting me through. (Yes, I clearly have an addictive personality and should be in some type of group therapy.)

Halibut Kebabs with Red Pepper and Sweet Onions

Topped with Fresh Cucumber Mint Salsa

Zucchini Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Peach & Blueberry Crostini

Just know that the food was much better than the blurry photos would have you believe. I don’t think there is enough light in my kitchen for food photos.

But this photo is quite clear, even if blurry:

Yes that is my daughter ingesting healthy vegetables NOT wrapped in some form of carbohydrate and without the threat of bodily harm promise of a Dora marathon. If you squint, you can even see a little toddler thumbs-up. Or maybe she’s just impersonating Bob Dole, who knows?

Jean, have I told you lately what a genius you are?

And just so you don’t think it’s a fly-by-night thing, I’ve MARINATED (overnight no less) tonight’s dinner: Korean Marinated Sirloin and an array of vegetables – another menu from Jean. I’m sorta becoming a little single-white-female with Jean, huh?