According to this, eighty quarters weigh exactly one pound. So I have lost approximately 96 quarters according to this week’s weigh-in. For those of you not mathematically inclined, that is 1.2 pounds of flubber off my ass. Be gone and stay gone flubber, you don’t live here no ‘mo.

This week had ups and downs. I didn’t focus on drinking enough water or getting my dairy servings in as WW recommends. But D & I made a real effort to not eat out as much – saving a lot more than 96 quarters in the process.

Remember those pizzas Chef Audax made that I raved about in my last post? Well we made them on Saturday and they were delicious. I even helped. I mise en place‘d everything and even cuisinart’d the red sauce. I’m becoming quite the little Betty. Rubble or Crocker, take your pick.

NEWSFLASH: I just went to search for a photo of Betty Crocker. SHE’S NOT A REAL PERSON? Did you know about this? Did YOU?

Now back to the celebration…

The eating at home is making a difference. So I’ll keep that up as well as hit the water more than the tea and lemonade (my summer staples) and work on the dairy. The dairy is tough – I might save that to focus on in week three.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement last week. This community is such a source of wisdom and comfort. You have no idea what your comments and tweets do for me. So what have you accomplished this week? Share and let me celebrate with you!

Like Susan (you know her from WMAG). She has a personal blog with her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Get Fit, where she chronicles her ups and downs with her weight loss efforts. I admire Susan’s ability to put it out there and inspire others to follow suit. And it is working, she had a great week and lost 3.5 pounds – that is freaking 280 quarters people! Great job Susan, we’ll be bikini-shopping swimsuits-appropriate-and-flattering-for-our-age-and- body-shape-shopping in no time.

PS: Check out today’s WTF Moment HERE (my buddy Shannan tweeted about it), where you’ll be throughly disgusted with the world and it’s priorities. But then go read this and be amazed and warmed to your very core. I adore Any Mommy Out There.