A couple months ago, I decided to pay homage to bloggers I read and enjoy so much. My small way of saying thanks for the joy they bring to my day and introduce them to any of my readers (yes I’m talking to you) that might not know said joy.

Without further ado, my first honoree is the amazing, the unmistakable, The Bloggess. Anyone that reads blogs even casually knows the name – she is the cherry on the blog sundae for most of us. Jenny, this is for you. You’re welcome.

An Ode to The Bloggess

My love for you knows no end
Upon your posts I do depend
To laugh and think and suck at math
And remind myself my dog needs a bath

Do you know what a treasure you are?
People stalk you near and far
But you won’t be had, you now the gig
Must be why you wear those wigs

Your little one is so fair
I own her artwork, so porny, so rare
It’s the only art I’ve ever bought
A quilted dildo is what I sought

So know that you are truly loved
You’re a gift to us from up above
All this emotion is making me sick
Just trust me, you are WORTH THE CLICK.

Jenny, The Bloggess, is all over the internets. You can find her obviously at The Bloggess, chatting it up with Mindy, who is pretty rockawonderful herself (yes I can to make up words) at Good Mom/Bad Mom, and guest appearances all over the place.

My hope is that NBC wakes up and smells the ratings and gives her the reality show she deserves. Peacock can you hear me? At minimum, she should be in Beijing covering the Olympics with Matt Lauer. (Jenny, obviously if this leads to some sort of deal with NBC or any of the major networks, I’m gonna need the standard 10%, k? Love ya, mean it.)