Incoming! Take cover! Just kidding, no combat maneuvers in my future.

The WW to which I refer is Weight Watchers. Those of you that know my sorted history with ol’WW know this is not my first time at the weight-loss rodeo. What’s that saying? Third Ninth time’s a charm? So here I am going over the program materials and planning my meals. Making lists of target foods (and their sinister counterparts) and things to toss when I get home tonight from the den of iniquity that is my kitchen.

Oh and that bag of M&M’s I’m hiding from my husband and daughter. It was at that moment, when I was hiding the ONE POUND BAG OF M&M’s so I wouldn’t have to share any of them, I knew an intervention was in order.

During my lunch hour today I made the long, shameful walk BACK to my Weight Watchers Meeting. The warm welcome was wonderful and I was pleasantly surprised when I was told I had lost 3.2 lbs (since April, but still). At least there isn’t MORE of me to love and lose.

I hope I maintain the motivation I have at this moment. My reasons? I’m tired all the time. I refuse to buy clothes one.more.size.up. again. I want to have the energy I need to make the most out of each moment with my daughter and each activity I commit myself to. I want to look hot (okay I’ll settle for non-frightening) in a bathing suit next year. I want to stop using my weight as my token “someday” card restricting me from all the things I want to do but I’m too lazy or self-conscious to try.

I’m a big girl, I make no illusions of being a Size 4 anytime soon. But I can be lighter, I can be fitter, I can be more comfortable in my own skin and that is my goal.

So here and now, for all the universe to see I declare I want to lose sixty pounds by this time next year. And I’ll keep you posted along the way. I’ll check in with you after I weigh in each week (Tuesdays are the plan) and share the ups and downs of the week we’ve laid to rest.

What’s something you want to change? I’d love to have company along the way. Join me, won’t you – there’s no better time then the present, don’t you think?

This is Meghan and me at BlogHer.

Next year at BlogHer’09, look for a leaner version of me – sans double chin.