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Well, apparently I am not alone in my love obsession for Jon & Kate Plus Eight. That show is beyond addicting and as we all know, addiction loves company – remember Celebrity Rehab? Ah, that was a beaut, but I digress.

I discovered Jon & Kate during a Mother’s Day Marathon on TLC*. Now I have my DVR record each and every one that airs, lest I miss something in these wonderful lives. I’m never more than a click away from a fix. And it’s cheaper than my heroin, so there’s that.

For those of you unaware of the objects of my affection (sometimes I feel like I don’t even know you people anymore), Jon & Kate had TWINS in December of 2000 and SEXTUPLETS in May 2004. We get a sneak peak into what such numbers mean in terms of life – you know when they kick you out of the hospital with a goofy hat and best wishes? Highly entertaining. Amazingly insightful. And a constant reminder to take my birth control pill.

This is my small tribute to Kate, who I think will go down in history as one of the greatest mothers of all time. And not for the typical reasons, I mean sure she’s warm and loving and smart and affirming, but she is so real. In this realness is the WOW of this show.

Tonight I watched an older episode – the one where Aunt Jodi gives the three year olds bubble gum, you know that cheap, really sticky bubble gum? By the end of the day it is discovered (because they kept sticking to one another) that the children are covered in gum – Aunt Jodi might as well have rolled them in it. Their socks are thrown away. The clothes are ruined. One of the kid’s security bears is possibly beyond salvaging. Needless to say Kate has a meltdown while scrubbing organic peanut butter on the gum-infested bear. Organic Peanut Butter you gasp? If Kate says so, darn tootin’ – organic peanut butter. It’s like Windex I guess.

But as funny as it is, it is so reassuring because here she is (in front of cameras!), having the exact reaction I would have (minus the organic peanut butter of course). So real, so human, so incredibly over-the-moon-endearing. I. SIMPLY. LOVE. HER.

Don’t get me wrong, Jon is delightful and certainly those adorable kids are the bread and butter of that show. But Kate, you had me at HELLO. She says that a lot to Jon, who is occassionally unaware of the eight kids in his charge, and it cracks me up every time.

This woman is nothing short of bionic – and not the lame re-make of Bionic Woman either, the original with what’s her name Lindsey Wagner kinda bionic. I’m not totally convince Kate is of this world to be honest. She has endurance I’ve NEVER had, creativity to make Martha swoon and a heart as big as that bigass table they eat at each day.

Do yourself a favor, check this show out. She’ll inspire you to be your real, wonderful self – meltdowns and all. And Kate if you reading this, if I turn out to be half the mom you are (or in my case one-eighth the mom you are) my kid is going to have one heck of a childhood.

Thanks for sharing your life with us.

PS – For those of you worried, the bear did survive, but it still smells of peanut butter and that kid, though secure, is constantly hungry.

*Disclaimer: I make no endorsement for any of TLC’s other products. Apparently that guy from one of those boy bands, you know the one, has teamed up with Scary Spice (or as I call her – Coriander). They plan to SURPRISE you at your place of employment and force you to sing and dance. Any of you with dreams of self-employment, now would be a good time get on that. I myself will be calling in sick indefinitely. Yes people, that is a real show on a real network in America today. Maybe the terrorists have won and no one told us?


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