There is much work to be done as fiscal year ends soon, but I hope to post something of meaning tonight on one or all of the following topics:

a. Cindy McCain is stealing recipes AGAIN (I guess we should be happy it isn’t drugs). Thanks to my new blog buddy WineMeDineMe for the heads up on this tasty treat of information. McCain Camp – you must stop her, soon she’ll claiming to have invented apple pies or baseball or the world wide web. She needs a good talking to or you could just do what we do with unruly relatives and lock her in the basement when you have company.

b. The frustrations I have when you take the cookie recipe discussion apart – crumb by crumb. Must the First Lady be Sally Homemaker? Can we still love whoever the First Lady ends up being if she doesn’t bake well or prioritize home decorating during festive holiday seasons? Can you still love me if *I* don’t?

c. George Carlin dies. To be so witty and relevant for as long as he was – amazing. What a loss.

d. My obsession with Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Eventually we’re going to have to talk about this people.

e. World Peace (unlikely)

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