Month Two of this blogging experiment and I’ve run out of things to say? No, not really, I’ve run out of time to say them and maybe a little bit run out of things to say. I promise I’ll get back on track soon. Maybe even tonight, so set your laptops to look out for something new, exciting and wonderful. But prepare yourself for mediocre and repetitious, okay?

In the meantime, here are a couple of great posts from great women that you might enjoy:

PunditMom reminds us what really matters when shopping for a First Lady (Obama campaign – you might wanna give this a once-over, just sayin’)

NY Times Article about Michelle Obama (though I’m dismayed by the need to re-invent this magnificent creature, it does give a lot of information about her that I never knew and for that it is worth the read)

MommyPie is someone you should read everyday (unlike me, she has dedication and post something wonderful nearly everyday – this one especially made me happy) has a ton of blogs like mine, written by the people for the people. Amazing folks over there with stories to tell, pictures to share, gripes to be heard. Go. Check. It. Out.

So there are a couple of my favorite readings over the last couple days. Enjoy. And stay tuned, something is bound to occur to me. Maybe Cheney will shoot someone today?