I’m not going to bore everyone with another blog post about the comments made by Fox “News” regarding our next First Lady – far better people have said it more eloquently than I can. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, go read those posts:

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With examples of Freedom of the Press like this, why in the world was Michelle not proud of her country? I’m not proud of my country at this very moment. Janet’s boob is a national issue for weeks, but blatant racism like this doesn’t even get a look-see from the FCC?

Is this the level of discourse this network has to offer? And is this the tone the GOP endorses, I guess so as they seem willing to let it continue. But McCain boasted of a real campaign, free of mud, filled with honor? I guess Fox didn’t get the memo? Maybe they are jackasses out of toner in their fax machine.

And folks, if you’re watching this garbage and telling yourself you’re staying informed, put the remote down and go bang your head up against a cement wall – hard. Maybe you can knock some of this bullshit out before it’s too late and you’re going to Klan rallies. Unless of course you’re already going to Klan rallies, in which case you suck, get the hell out of my blog.