Dear Hillary,

Last night you asked your fellow Democrats to go online to Hillary Clinton Dot Com (said in unison by a very large New York crowd in the most whiny, singsong voice I could ever imagine) and tell you what we think you should do next.

Since I was an Edwards/Richardson gal myself in the beginning, then an Obama supporter by the time you all were gushing in Ohio, I doubt you were talking to me. I’m not one of the folks above who know you best. But I’m gonna give you my two cents anyway.

When you decided to run for the presidency I was so proud and sat imagining what the world would be like with a woman leading the most powerful nation. Someone like me, and more importantly someone like my daughter, representing to all the world what freedom and democracy look like. To say nothing of what equality, feminism, motherhood, and smart women look like.

For one reason or another our paths didn’t sync up. I was disappointed in the tact and tone you took along the campaign here and there. But never, not once did I lose respect for you. Maybe a little for your advisers. Where in the world did you get these people or these people or these? And more importantly, why did you let them make you into something you weren’t? Howard Ickes alone, this is not the Hillary I’ve admire these last two decades.

I can’t help but wonder if YOUR voice was a lot louder and if THOSE voices were mute not so loud, we might be waking up to a much different nation today. We might be talking about the first female presidential nominee. But that is a headline for another day, and perhaps a title to be held by another woman.

But we are where we are. Barack Obama will be the next Democratic Party Nominee for the Presidency of the United States. And the Hillary Clinton I know and respect is jumping up and down inside right now because she knows the significance of this achievement. After the disappointment dies a little and your heart heals a bit, you’ll be able to join the rest of us in celebrating that in our lifetime, racial discord was taken to the woodshed and given a good beating. The Democrats decided to put their money where they mouth is. We’ve long been the big tent, including all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, but when push came to shove, our guy looked a lot like their guy. For better or for worse.

Now is the time to determine your next move. And if I was sitting there with you, enjoying a bagel and maybe a bourbon, I’d tell you your next move is to come to terms with Obama, personally and professionally. Meet with him and allow him the respect he deserves as the nominee. Remind your supporters that the party and the WHITE HOUSE is the most important thing in the next six months – more important than ego, hurt feelings, letdown and revenge.

Then tell Obama you’ll gladly serve at the pleasure of the President. Not only can you be the glue that heals this party, you’ll be instrumental in taking the White House out of the clutches of liars and war criminals. You’ll help guarantee that America need not fear what a McBush presidency could do to this country, this world.

I firmly believe that Obama will be the next President of the United States with or without you, but I want it to be with you Hillary. I want your wisdom and experience to be a guiding force on the country my child grows up in. You owe it to my daughter Hillary. You owe it to your own.

End this fight and start arming yourself for the next one. Your supporters want you on that ticket, and your opposition welcomes you as well.


Amy In Ohio