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Well, apparently I am not alone in my love obsession for Jon & Kate Plus Eight. That show is beyond addicting and as we all know, addiction loves company – remember Celebrity Rehab? Ah, that was a beaut, but I digress.

I discovered Jon & Kate during a Mother’s Day Marathon on TLC*. Now I have my DVR record each and every one that airs, lest I miss something in these wonderful lives. I’m never more than a click away from a fix. And it’s cheaper than my heroin, so there’s that.

For those of you unaware of the objects of my affection (sometimes I feel like I don’t even know you people anymore), Jon & Kate had TWINS in December of 2000 and SEXTUPLETS in May 2004. We get a sneak peak into what such numbers mean in terms of life – you know when they kick you out of the hospital with a goofy hat and best wishes? Highly entertaining. Amazingly insightful. And a constant reminder to take my birth control pill.

This is my small tribute to Kate, who I think will go down in history as one of the greatest mothers of all time. And not for the typical reasons, I mean sure she’s warm and loving and smart and affirming, but she is so real. In this realness is the WOW of this show.

Tonight I watched an older episode – the one where Aunt Jodi gives the three year olds bubble gum, you know that cheap, really sticky bubble gum? By the end of the day it is discovered (because they kept sticking to one another) that the children are covered in gum – Aunt Jodi might as well have rolled them in it. Their socks are thrown away. The clothes are ruined. One of the kid’s security bears is possibly beyond salvaging. Needless to say Kate has a meltdown while scrubbing organic peanut butter on the gum-infested bear. Organic Peanut Butter you gasp? If Kate says so, darn tootin’ – organic peanut butter. It’s like Windex I guess.

But as funny as it is, it is so reassuring because here she is (in front of cameras!), having the exact reaction I would have (minus the organic peanut butter of course). So real, so human, so incredibly over-the-moon-endearing. I. SIMPLY. LOVE. HER.

Don’t get me wrong, Jon is delightful and certainly those adorable kids are the bread and butter of that show. But Kate, you had me at HELLO. She says that a lot to Jon, who is occassionally unaware of the eight kids in his charge, and it cracks me up every time.

This woman is nothing short of bionic – and not the lame re-make of Bionic Woman either, the original with what’s her name Lindsey Wagner kinda bionic. I’m not totally convince Kate is of this world to be honest. She has endurance I’ve NEVER had, creativity to make Martha swoon and a heart as big as that bigass table they eat at each day.

Do yourself a favor, check this show out. She’ll inspire you to be your real, wonderful self – meltdowns and all. And Kate if you reading this, if I turn out to be half the mom you are (or in my case one-eighth the mom you are) my kid is going to have one heck of a childhood.

Thanks for sharing your life with us.

PS – For those of you worried, the bear did survive, but it still smells of peanut butter and that kid, though secure, is constantly hungry.

*Disclaimer: I make no endorsement for any of TLC’s other products. Apparently that guy from one of those boy bands, you know the one, has teamed up with Scary Spice (or as I call her – Coriander). They plan to SURPRISE you at your place of employment and force you to sing and dance. Any of you with dreams of self-employment, now would be a good time get on that. I myself will be calling in sick indefinitely. Yes people, that is a real show on a real network in America today. Maybe the terrorists have won and no one told us?

There is much work to be done as fiscal year ends soon, but I hope to post something of meaning tonight on one or all of the following topics:

a. Cindy McCain is stealing recipes AGAIN (I guess we should be happy it isn’t drugs). Thanks to my new blog buddy WineMeDineMe for the heads up on this tasty treat of information. McCain Camp – you must stop her, soon she’ll claiming to have invented apple pies or baseball or the world wide web. She needs a good talking to or you could just do what we do with unruly relatives and lock her in the basement when you have company.

b. The frustrations I have when you take the cookie recipe discussion apart – crumb by crumb. Must the First Lady be Sally Homemaker? Can we still love whoever the First Lady ends up being if she doesn’t bake well or prioritize home decorating during festive holiday seasons? Can you still love me if *I* don’t?

c. George Carlin dies. To be so witty and relevant for as long as he was – amazing. What a loss.

d. My obsession with Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Eventually we’re going to have to talk about this people.

e. World Peace (unlikely)

I’d like to give a much deserved SHOUT OUT to the gals who re-designed my blog – I hope you are enjoying my new aesthetic. If you need a spruce up, visit their site:

I’m in the midst of redecorating.  And the final touches have not been made – please come back soon for the big unveil.



This Saturday, June 21st, United Way launches it’s first annual DAY OF ACTION nationwide.  The focus of this program is to help all families benefit from the value of early childhood education.  Programs will help parents ready their toddlers and pre-schoolers for their educational adventure that begins in Kindergarten.  This effort is a piece of the larger project United Way has kicked off – LIVE UNITED.  The goal of which is to bring about changes needed in our communities through collective efforts. 

“Advancing the common good means recognizing that we are all connected and interdependent.  It involves creating opportunities for a better life for all.  When individuals, organizations, governments and businesses set aside their special interests and work together, we can make a difference.  Living United means being part of the change.   – Robert C. Reifsnyder, President, United Way Greater Cincinnati

In addition to planned activites in counties all over the Tri-State, United Way will unveil five Born Learning TrailsThese projects were truly a collective effort with assistance from community partners: Cincinnati Parks, City of Bellevue, City of Covington Parks & Recreation, Boone County Parks Department, Grant County Parks & Recreation, and corporate partners Citi and Toyota in Northern Kentucky.  Born Learning Trails offer families with small children physical activities which lead to fun and education – the perfect combination to help your child fall in love with learning from the start. 

For more information and the locations of the activites around Greater Cincinnati visit United Way Greater Cincinnati’s website.  I hope to see you there!  If are out of the Cincinnati area, go online to your local United Way for fun-filled family activites near you.


Month Two of this blogging experiment and I’ve run out of things to say? No, not really, I’ve run out of time to say them and maybe a little bit run out of things to say. I promise I’ll get back on track soon. Maybe even tonight, so set your laptops to look out for something new, exciting and wonderful. But prepare yourself for mediocre and repetitious, okay?

In the meantime, here are a couple of great posts from great women that you might enjoy:

PunditMom reminds us what really matters when shopping for a First Lady (Obama campaign – you might wanna give this a once-over, just sayin’)

NY Times Article about Michelle Obama (though I’m dismayed by the need to re-invent this magnificent creature, it does give a lot of information about her that I never knew and for that it is worth the read)

MommyPie is someone you should read everyday (unlike me, she has dedication and post something wonderful nearly everyday – this one especially made me happy) has a ton of blogs like mine, written by the people for the people. Amazing folks over there with stories to tell, pictures to share, gripes to be heard. Go. Check. It. Out.

So there are a couple of my favorite readings over the last couple days. Enjoy. And stay tuned, something is bound to occur to me. Maybe Cheney will shoot someone today?

I’m not going to bore everyone with another blog post about the comments made by Fox “News” regarding our next First Lady – far better people have said it more eloquently than I can. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, go read those posts:

Queen of Spain

CityMama via Momocrats

Oliver Willis – a guy I don’t know, but want to

Ever-faithful Huffington Post

With examples of Freedom of the Press like this, why in the world was Michelle not proud of her country? I’m not proud of my country at this very moment. Janet’s boob is a national issue for weeks, but blatant racism like this doesn’t even get a look-see from the FCC?

Is this the level of discourse this network has to offer? And is this the tone the GOP endorses, I guess so as they seem willing to let it continue. But McCain boasted of a real campaign, free of mud, filled with honor? I guess Fox didn’t get the memo? Maybe they are jackasses out of toner in their fax machine.

And folks, if you’re watching this garbage and telling yourself you’re staying informed, put the remote down and go bang your head up against a cement wall – hard. Maybe you can knock some of this bullshit out before it’s too late and you’re going to Klan rallies. Unless of course you’re already going to Klan rallies, in which case you suck, get the hell out of my blog.

I kinda slacked off after my last big post. But with very good reason folks. P turned the Big Two on Friday. There was much celebrating. I’m not sure why we make such a fuss over the Big One – she was barely awake for much of that birthday. But TWO – TWO was wild. And so much fun.

All that came to a screeching halt bright and early Monday morning as I watched The Today Show and was introduced to the Potty Whisperer. She claims she has potty trained (in one day no less) as young as eighteen months. What the heck have I been doing the last six months people? Oh, that’s right blogging with you people.

Her booty camp caters to 2.5 year olds, so on that note I have a little time. But it has me thinking. I’m terrified of this next phase. I have little to no real motivation to get started and that coupled with no idea where to start leaves me uninspired and buying Pampers for the next forever.

I don’t know what the hesitation is – I’ve eagerly anticipated all the other monumental points in her development. The eating, the rolling, the crawling, the walking, the talking. But this, not so much. I think I find it a bit yucky. And as yucky as a diaper full of poo is, the thought of accidents in the car or at the mall with said poo when I’m left unprepared is far more intimidating. And then I hear about this kinda thing – the naked pooper? I’m running for the hills looking for Mary Poopins.

Then again, maybe this is the last big girl frontier and I’m clinging to that baby for dear life. I share as other Moms tell of their experience with the ever-growing independence of their children. The last two years have been miraculous in her development, but I’ve not moved much from the weeping mom who gave birth in the wee small hours of the morning back in June 2006. I look at P and still see the eight-pounder we brought home from the hospital. Nevermind that she is pushing thirty pounds now. So not only is it yucky, it’s also a little sad.

Yes, I know I have to potty-train my kid. Don’t start looking up the number to child protective services just yet. But can you tell me how to do it? And by that I mean can I drop P off to you tomorrow afternoon and pick her up when she is ready? Great, thanks.

PS – A couple shout-outs from the birthday fun. Check out the amazing bakegoods we celebrated with! My friend Andrea did “pupcakes” for P’s preschool class and Busken’s, our local bakery made this incredible zoo cake for her party later that weekend. We celebrated at the Cincinnati Zoo and I highly recommend their Birthday Treehouse! P had “two” shirts (seen above) for her big days from the wonderful Sew Sara at Etsy.

Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement last week with P’s new preschool setting.

I’m happy to say that things have calmed down considerably and though P is still having a tough time at drop off, I believe she is finding her rhythm. The room is no longer a war zone. Still a bit tense in the morning, but not nearly worthy of CNN coverage any longer.

As I vowed, I gave it a week and do feel better. I’m more at ease with the teachers and all the new little faces who looked so much bigger than my little P (she’ll always have the face of a sixth month old to me, you know?). Nothing is perfect of course, but things are getting more comfortable for me. And hopefully for P too.

I appreciate all of the suggestions and kind words via comments or private e-mails. It is nice to know you’re not floating on this ship all alone.

Thank you mateys!

Dear Hillary,

Last night you asked your fellow Democrats to go online to Hillary Clinton Dot Com (said in unison by a very large New York crowd in the most whiny, singsong voice I could ever imagine) and tell you what we think you should do next.

Since I was an Edwards/Richardson gal myself in the beginning, then an Obama supporter by the time you all were gushing in Ohio, I doubt you were talking to me. I’m not one of the folks above who know you best. But I’m gonna give you my two cents anyway.

When you decided to run for the presidency I was so proud and sat imagining what the world would be like with a woman leading the most powerful nation. Someone like me, and more importantly someone like my daughter, representing to all the world what freedom and democracy look like. To say nothing of what equality, feminism, motherhood, and smart women look like.

For one reason or another our paths didn’t sync up. I was disappointed in the tact and tone you took along the campaign here and there. But never, not once did I lose respect for you. Maybe a little for your advisers. Where in the world did you get these people or these people or these? And more importantly, why did you let them make you into something you weren’t? Howard Ickes alone, this is not the Hillary I’ve admire these last two decades.

I can’t help but wonder if YOUR voice was a lot louder and if THOSE voices were mute not so loud, we might be waking up to a much different nation today. We might be talking about the first female presidential nominee. But that is a headline for another day, and perhaps a title to be held by another woman.

But we are where we are. Barack Obama will be the next Democratic Party Nominee for the Presidency of the United States. And the Hillary Clinton I know and respect is jumping up and down inside right now because she knows the significance of this achievement. After the disappointment dies a little and your heart heals a bit, you’ll be able to join the rest of us in celebrating that in our lifetime, racial discord was taken to the woodshed and given a good beating. The Democrats decided to put their money where they mouth is. We’ve long been the big tent, including all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, but when push came to shove, our guy looked a lot like their guy. For better or for worse.

Now is the time to determine your next move. And if I was sitting there with you, enjoying a bagel and maybe a bourbon, I’d tell you your next move is to come to terms with Obama, personally and professionally. Meet with him and allow him the respect he deserves as the nominee. Remind your supporters that the party and the WHITE HOUSE is the most important thing in the next six months – more important than ego, hurt feelings, letdown and revenge.

Then tell Obama you’ll gladly serve at the pleasure of the President. Not only can you be the glue that heals this party, you’ll be instrumental in taking the White House out of the clutches of liars and war criminals. You’ll help guarantee that America need not fear what a McBush presidency could do to this country, this world.

I firmly believe that Obama will be the next President of the United States with or without you, but I want it to be with you Hillary. I want your wisdom and experience to be a guiding force on the country my child grows up in. You owe it to my daughter Hillary. You owe it to your own.

End this fight and start arming yourself for the next one. Your supporters want you on that ticket, and your opposition welcomes you as well.


Amy In Ohio


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Why get so riled by the events of the world, you ask? Because…

"Becoming a mother makes you the mother of all children. From now on each wounded, abandoned, frightened child is yours. You live in the suffering mothers of every race and creed and weep with them. You long to comfort all who are desolate." Charlotte Gray
June 2008