I need a new blogpost to stay on track with the good blogging guidelines from my friend Christine over at A Mommy Story.

I want to write a little bit about SATC but fear I would spoil it for some soul and don’t want to take the chance. The huge atomic blast at the end was very unexpected and who would have thought Samantha’s character would even pass the psych screenings for the sex change. Oh crap, see, I can’t keep my mouth shut.

So instead, I’m going to do another giveaway. Perky, if you are reading, your gas card is finally on it’s way to you! I hope you didn’t leave for vacation yet. Perky was my first celebrity giveaway winner. Perky, take a bow and check your mailbox!

In honor of the shit-storm caused by Dunkin’ Donut’s latest Rachel Ray TERRORIST CELL LEADER RACHEL RAY commercial, I’m giving a $20 gift certificate to Dunkin’ Donuts to one lucky winner.

I thought maybe this didn’t go well with the idea of protesting against the stupidity that lives and breathes amongst us, but hell, everyone likes donuts and Dunkin’ is a national chain so all my readers (that long list of people with insomnia and friends I badger until they read my blog) can probably use it near them. The one condition is you have to wear your most non-terroristish scarf when you go use your gift certificate, deal? We all must do our part for national security.

To enter, simply leave a comment (it’s so easy to do, I leave over a hundred a day sprinkled all over the internet – some of them even get me censored in Houston) and tell me your favorite celebrity endorsement of all time – because telling me your favorite terrorist of all time just seemed to be in poor taste.

Contest ends at midnight on Monday, June 2nd. So enter early and enter often. Or just once, whichever. Good luck and happy accessorizing.

Bonus – if I get over TWENTY responses, I’ll give away TWO gift certificates! That’s right I WILL DOUBLE THE WINNERS!

(Two is my limit, my connection (thanks Gurmit!) can’t score me anymore.)