Since this primary season began, I took it for granted that the Democrats would prevail. I’m still ever hopeful and believe that come January we’ll indeed be movin’ on up just like the Jeffersons. But Weezie, this move is beginning to WEAR. ME. OUT.

So, indulge me as I go through a couple of observations that have been nagging at me for a bit.

First off, FEMINISM in this race. I’ve had many a Clinton supporter tell me – either via their blog, an e-mail, right to my face over lunch – that I’m not a true feminist if I’m voting for anyone other than Hillary. Are “true” feminists not allowed to support a male if there are any ovaries in the room? Am I at risk to lose my “Screw The Man” t-shirt and “Honk if you love Gloria” bumper sticker? I thought the whole point of feminism was that at the end of the day I could assert my right to decide any number of things that had once been decided for me.

It has been suggested that there is a vast conspiracy and sexist MSM has contributed to her failure. Hillary has a LOT of conspiracy theories – she must be on a ton of underground newsletter lists. I’ll rally with my sisters when sexism is found, but aren’t we looking a little too hard for this offense?

Are Clinton’s supporters willing to allow for the possibility that some of us don’t rank her as our first choice? That some of us are disappointed in the decisions she has made to date and the way she has handled herself in this campaign. It’s not selling our sister out, it’s making the best choice with the facts we have at hand.

If she was here I’d tell her of the excitement that swelled in me when this all began. How I teared up at the thought of a WOMAN running the WHITE HOUSE as my daughter grew up. (Heck, I’m still tearing up at the thought of it right now as I type this.) If she was here I’d tell her how proud I once was of what she stood for and represented to this country – to the world – as a mother, wife and leader.

But so much of my excitement has faded and my tears continue, but for such different reasons. Now I just want to be able to look myself in the mirror when I cast my vote in November, whoever has the D next to their name.

My second whine d’jour is aimed squarely at what I like to call turncoats. Those “democrats” that strongly support one candidate and in doing so, vow to either stay home in November (Lord, I hope) or (GASP) vote for McCain. See Kristof’s NYTimes Op-Ed Piece. What in the world are you thinking? How do you align yourself with Clinton or Obama in the Spring and then with McCain in the Fall without a full frontal lobotomy?

Issues – the guiding forces behind my allegiance to the DNC – are lost on these people. To me, it almost lends credibility to the thought that some women are simply voting for the female candidate and some blacks are simply voting for the black candidate. And if they don’t get their way, they are taking their marbles and stomping away mad or worse, seeking revenge.

If issues like: abortion rights! federal judges we’ll be stuck with for decades! the economy! the war! the future! mean anything to you, how could you even ponder changing your vote in November to McCain? Someone, anyone explain this to me because I’m plotting to have these people deported – and that can’t possibly be a good sign for my faith in Democracy.

You see for all my whining and disappointment in point number one, HRC will have my support should she be the nominee. Because at the end of the day, my vision for American is far closer to hers than it ever will be to McCain’s, and isn’t that what this is ultimately about? Putting the right vision in the White House – the left vision that is!

So concludes today’s ramblings. Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow Moms out there!