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I need a new blogpost to stay on track with the good blogging guidelines from my friend Christine over at A Mommy Story.

I want to write a little bit about SATC but fear I would spoil it for some soul and don’t want to take the chance. The huge atomic blast at the end was very unexpected and who would have thought Samantha’s character would even pass the psych screenings for the sex change. Oh crap, see, I can’t keep my mouth shut.

So instead, I’m going to do another giveaway. Perky, if you are reading, your gas card is finally on it’s way to you! I hope you didn’t leave for vacation yet. Perky was my first celebrity giveaway winner. Perky, take a bow and check your mailbox!

In honor of the shit-storm caused by Dunkin’ Donut’s latest Rachel Ray TERRORIST CELL LEADER RACHEL RAY commercial, I’m giving a $20 gift certificate to Dunkin’ Donuts to one lucky winner.

I thought maybe this didn’t go well with the idea of protesting against the stupidity that lives and breathes amongst us, but hell, everyone likes donuts and Dunkin’ is a national chain so all my readers (that long list of people with insomnia and friends I badger until they read my blog) can probably use it near them. The one condition is you have to wear your most non-terroristish scarf when you go use your gift certificate, deal? We all must do our part for national security.

To enter, simply leave a comment (it’s so easy to do, I leave over a hundred a day sprinkled all over the internet – some of them even get me censored in Houston) and tell me your favorite celebrity endorsement of all time – because telling me your favorite terrorist of all time just seemed to be in poor taste.

Contest ends at midnight on Monday, June 2nd. So enter early and enter often. Or just once, whichever. Good luck and happy accessorizing.

Bonus – if I get over TWENTY responses, I’ll give away TWO gift certificates! That’s right I WILL DOUBLE THE WINNERS!

(Two is my limit, my connection (thanks Gurmit!) can’t score me anymore.)

There has been plenty of outrage to go around this election season. So why would I need to look back and re-rage about the 2000 Election? Cause HBO made me. I watched their latest docudrama, “Recount” this past weekend. Chilling is the only word I’m left with after thinking about it all weekend long.

The story is done well and lets the viewer see it from all angles – almost impartially – but clearly leaning a little left as the main character is Ron Klain (played by the amazing Kevin Spacey). Klain hesitantly served as the main Gore operative in Florida during the grueling thirty-six days as the Florida vote count held the election and the nation hostage.

It told so many issues this average American was unaware of – like when the mandatory machine recount was called for by the CONSTITUTION of the State of Florida, SIXTEEN of the counties in Florida just didn’t do it – no reason given – JUST DIDN’T DO IT.

The fact that the Division of Elections, headed by then-Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, asked an independent company to compile a “scrub-list” of convicted felons to be refused voting rights at the polls. Which seems reasonable and appropriate until we learn that Harris asked for any names similar to these convicted felons also appear on the list – resulting in over 20,000 eligible voters being on the list in “error” and denied their right to vote.  As we know, with the outcome, 20,000 votes could have changed this election ten times over. Despicable, simply despicable. If Laura Dern’s portrayal of her is to be believed, it’s pretty obvious Harris was not the mastermind behind much. Talk about under-qualified and inept. She’s no Queen Esther, I’ll tell you that.

But I don’t want to tell too much – it should be required viewing for all Americans because this can never be allowed to happen again. Too bad it did happen again – four short years later in Ohio. Granted, completely different circumstances and players – but the end result is the same – the election was corrupted and compromised by people who don’t have the right to do this to our country.  And this is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue.  This is a struggle for all citizens against the desecration of our nation’s honor. 

It’s hard to watch this film and not ponder the implications of it’s ending during the last eight years in our country, in our world. I’m certain so much of what we face today would be different had Florida been handled better, with justice for all voters. I don’t know how we do it, but we must remove the partisan hand from elections – the CO-CHAIR OF BUSH’S FLORIDA CAMPAIGN was deciding this issue? In what universe is this acceptable? Maybe once upon a time we voters could count on the integrity and honor of our elected/appointed officials to do the right thing, simply because their character would not allow them to do otherwise. Those days are sadly gone.

Election Reform is the new black – tell all your friends, tell your elected officials, tell everyone you know that you’re mad as hell and your not going to let your government fall into the hands of those who play the game the best anymore. This is not a game – this is the future of our country and our votes (and ALL of them) are the ONLY DETERMINING FACTOR ALLOWED.

What happened to one voice, one vote? Please, America, this has to be the foundation of our electoral process – without it we fall into the abyss.

CityMama has challenged us all to face our demons and exercise them.  She’s running a contest and the prize is sweeeeettt, so sweet, I’m willing to share something that until today was known to me alone.

A few years ago, in an attempt to strengthen my core and connect with my inner self, I purchased a yoga dvd.  Nothing remarkable there, I have roughly fifty exercise dvds or tapes, collecting dust and holding up table legs.  But this dvd was going to change my life – it said so right there in the description, duh. 

I waited a few weeks to try it out – must have the right clothes, the right state of mind and the will to get the hell off the couch – but on a gloomy Saturday, when nothing was on TV, I decided this was to be my zen moment.  And the first day of the rest of my new, healthy life began.

Popped that dvd in and I was off.  The first couple moves were a snap.  (I could show off and call them asanas, but who am I?  Ashley Judd or something?)  I was good – so good in fact that I thought for moment, why did I get the beginner dvd?  I could totally have done the advanced version – I was indeed ready for beyond the basics

Then that pose – you know the one – where you place one of your feet high up on the opposite thigh and you stand there waiting for clarity?  The instructor (aka perkymissfancypants) warned that this was a complicated one – one to work towards eventually.  Yeah, well missfancypants, I was in the military, don’t you tell me a thing or two about so and so.  Bubbling with confidence, I “achieved” the pose and calmly closed my eyes.  Sure, I’ll admit the balancing was harder on this one, that must mean it’s working and I just needed to focus more. 

Ah, much better I’m totally getting this.  “I am so good” was running through my head just before I heard the cat’s first screach.   Somehow, in my clarity some basic function had stopped in my brain and I was unaware that I was tilting falling over.  And the poor cat, too stupid or too mesmerized by MY stupidity, just sat there and let me fall on her. 

Sure I had killed her – that’s a bit of impact for a 12 pound cat, no? – we rushed her to the emergency vet.  Luckily, the only thing injured was her pride and she had wasted at least two of her nine lives.  I lied my ass off to the vet on what really happened, all the while the cat giving me one of those looks that only a cat you just fell on top of can give you.   You know the one that alerts you’ll be needing a new pillow case and comforter soon, meow, meow, because this kind of aggression can not go unanswered. 

The first day of the rest of my healthy life was not a success.  Full of guilt, the cat got a can of tuna that evening and I haven’t seen that dvd since. 

Namaste to you all.


The gas card winner is Perky!  I’ll send you an e-mail to get some details from you today!

Thanks to all who entered and read my ramblings on these deep, social issues.

So, like a fool I’ve gone and gotten addicted to another MTV teeny-bopper show. How could this happen again you ask? I have no excuse – I could fault expert marketing, a longing for my stolen youth, the misplacement of my remote control – but really I have no one to blame but myself.

The offending show, The Paper, drew me in with it’s quirky  Editor in Chief, Amanda. Did I see a little of myself in her? Did she remind me of days gone by when things were simpler and I had all the answers? Not really, she talked to herself while she was “running” on the treadmill and plastered her walls with notes of positive thoughts. Indeed, the power-pink post-its actually read “POSITIVE THOUGHTS”. She had me at hello.

She’s got her own sense of style and apparently twelve different pairs of glasses (not sunglasses, actual improve-your-sight glasses). She’s her own person – crazy, whimsical, completely oblivious to those plotting against her. And there is plotting – lots of plotting.

I had no idea the high school newspaper scene was so vicious. Did you? Poor Amanda has it coming at her from every angle. I often find myself cursing the tv and the little demons that work so tirelessly to take her down. I won’t tell you their names, because I’m a grown-up and I don’t want to pick on teenagers. I’ll make fun of them in the privacy of my home and my blog, but I’m not going to pick on them by using their real names. But they are mean little people. Mean.

So in honor of Amanda, I’m going to do my own version of a power-pink-post-it of positive-thoughts and host my first giveaway. Post you’re favorite “positive thought” here sometime before midnight Monday night (5/19) and you could win a $25 Gas Gift Card. That’s right universe – for all the darkness resonating at some high school newspaper in Florida – I’m making a stride towards the light and giving someone a half a tank of free gas one-third tank of free gas.

MTV airs this masterpiece Mondays at 10pm ET/PT. It’s a little microcosm of the world – the struggle between good and evil, deadlines and prom dates – it’s just what your Monday nights have been missing.

And if you’re out there Amanda – keep your head up and your glasses on straight – high school ends and these nitwits will still suck.

Dreams of a Mother

This Mother’s Day, Momocrats asked what dreams we hold for our children. Here is one of mine.

I dream that my daughter will have more choices than I do when it comes to how her time is spent. I dream that whether her choice be a full-time career, a stay-at-home adventure, or a combination of the two, that the factors contributing to this choice are hers alone – not society’s or economic’s or any thing other than her own aspirations.

The “mommy wars” have been long fought for women and continue today. These wars have never had much of an impact on me, not because I don’t care or understand them, but simply because I’ve never fit into either demographic. My career is one of necessity. My choice to work is based on bills to pay and necessary benefits like health insurance. So I’ve never been inclined to think much about my right to choose, as the decision was made for me by financial factors often out of my control.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have the job I have and the blessings it allows me. I can feed my child, shelter her, provide medical care when needed, and access to educational opportunities we can easily take for granted. But what I wouldn’t give to be the one guiding my child through the majority of her day. I hope someday she sees that being a working mom, I longed to be with her more than I was. I hope she can appreciate that our time together, though sometimes not high in quantity, was filled with quality.

So you ask what is my dream? My dream is that through my example, she sees all the opportunities she has within reach. My dream is that nothing constricts her choices and she has the education, the self-confidence and the drive to carve her way on her terms.

Since this primary season began, I took it for granted that the Democrats would prevail. I’m still ever hopeful and believe that come January we’ll indeed be movin’ on up just like the Jeffersons. But Weezie, this move is beginning to WEAR. ME. OUT.

So, indulge me as I go through a couple of observations that have been nagging at me for a bit.

First off, FEMINISM in this race. I’ve had many a Clinton supporter tell me – either via their blog, an e-mail, right to my face over lunch – that I’m not a true feminist if I’m voting for anyone other than Hillary. Are “true” feminists not allowed to support a male if there are any ovaries in the room? Am I at risk to lose my “Screw The Man” t-shirt and “Honk if you love Gloria” bumper sticker? I thought the whole point of feminism was that at the end of the day I could assert my right to decide any number of things that had once been decided for me.

It has been suggested that there is a vast conspiracy and sexist MSM has contributed to her failure. Hillary has a LOT of conspiracy theories – she must be on a ton of underground newsletter lists. I’ll rally with my sisters when sexism is found, but aren’t we looking a little too hard for this offense?

Are Clinton’s supporters willing to allow for the possibility that some of us don’t rank her as our first choice? That some of us are disappointed in the decisions she has made to date and the way she has handled herself in this campaign. It’s not selling our sister out, it’s making the best choice with the facts we have at hand.

If she was here I’d tell her of the excitement that swelled in me when this all began. How I teared up at the thought of a WOMAN running the WHITE HOUSE as my daughter grew up. (Heck, I’m still tearing up at the thought of it right now as I type this.) If she was here I’d tell her how proud I once was of what she stood for and represented to this country – to the world – as a mother, wife and leader.

But so much of my excitement has faded and my tears continue, but for such different reasons. Now I just want to be able to look myself in the mirror when I cast my vote in November, whoever has the D next to their name.

My second whine d’jour is aimed squarely at what I like to call turncoats. Those “democrats” that strongly support one candidate and in doing so, vow to either stay home in November (Lord, I hope) or (GASP) vote for McCain. See Kristof’s NYTimes Op-Ed Piece. What in the world are you thinking? How do you align yourself with Clinton or Obama in the Spring and then with McCain in the Fall without a full frontal lobotomy?

Issues – the guiding forces behind my allegiance to the DNC – are lost on these people. To me, it almost lends credibility to the thought that some women are simply voting for the female candidate and some blacks are simply voting for the black candidate. And if they don’t get their way, they are taking their marbles and stomping away mad or worse, seeking revenge.

If issues like: abortion rights! federal judges we’ll be stuck with for decades! the economy! the war! the future! mean anything to you, how could you even ponder changing your vote in November to McCain? Someone, anyone explain this to me because I’m plotting to have these people deported – and that can’t possibly be a good sign for my faith in Democracy.

You see for all my whining and disappointment in point number one, HRC will have my support should she be the nominee. Because at the end of the day, my vision for American is far closer to hers than it ever will be to McCain’s, and isn’t that what this is ultimately about? Putting the right vision in the White House – the left vision that is!

So concludes today’s ramblings. Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow Moms out there!

The first post to you blog is a monumental task. Right up until the point where you remind yourself that approximately 3.46 people will see the post and one of them is only excited to the see a photo of herself at the top of the screen. (I have a very vain child – clearly a trait from her father’s side.)

I had hoped to write a brilliant piece about a road trip to Indiana to root on my favorite DNC candidate. This brilliant piece would then jettison me to a place in blogoworld (or is it blogoland – like Disney, I get these confused) shared only by the likes of Bloggess or Dooce or the-many pictures-of-cats-doing-things blogs that are out there thriving, but my inspiration fell short, much like Obama’s numbers in Pennsylvania.

So here I sit. Maybe blogging isn’t for everyone as WordPress and Blogger would have you believe? This is far more difficult then being the Amy in Ohio who is a professional commentor on a dozen or so blogs I can’t get enough of. (No commentor isn’t a word or a profession now that I think about it as I’ve not made a dime from those people).

I guess I could just share with you my thoughts as they run through my head…McCain and RNC need to be sat down in timeout…the Bush Administration (do I really have to keep capitalizing that after all they’ve done?) must face the consequences for their actions…if I stumble upon one more interesting internet tidbit to enjoy I’ll likely be fired as that will teeter my work to play ratio out of my employer’s favor…I miss my daughter today more than most days and most days I miss her far too much – no one really tells you how hard the working mom gig can be at times…there are a surprising number of moms in Ohio that seem quite intelligent until the notion of globalwarming comes up…is globalwarming one word or two? (There, now you have something to comment on.)

I’m going to participate in a Walk Now for Autism tomorrow that I would have been completely unaware of (even though it’s in my hometown) were it not for the gal at A Mommy Story. If you haven’t done so already, take a moment and make a contribution to a great cause that effects 1 in 150 children in the U.S.

If I sit and wait for the perfect topic to start this thing, I’ll never start this thing and the crappy opening message from WordPress will be my mark on the world – what if I were to die in a tragic accident? That WordPress post would be even worse than the paramedics seeing my tattered undies. Bottomline, I’ll look back on this and conclude, as I’m sure most of you have, that I’M TRYING TO HARD. If all else fails I’ll start posting cat pics, so if you have any, please feel free to forward them my way.

But for now, congratulations to me, I wrote my first blog post. Now, time for a nap.


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